Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Any Wet Smell after Carpet Steam Cleaning?

No, we can guarantee no wet smell after the carpet cleaning service. We steam clean carpet using deodoriser and we got high power carpet drying equipment. You may walk on the cleaned carpet soon after the steam cleaning and there no wet smell from your carpets.

Will your carpet cleaning service will get rid germs & bacteria?

Yes, our carpet steam cleaning process use hot water extraction method, which inject high temperature steam deep into layers of your carpet.This process will kill all the germs and bacteria inside your carpet and hot water extraction method will get all the dirty water from the carpet.

Why do I need Carpet Cleaning?

Did you know that unclean carpets could actually lead to sickness in your family? Yes, unclean carpets are capable to spread bacteria and other pollutants that could harm the well-being of the inhabitants. Moreover, if you do not get professional help for carpet cleaning then you are indirectly reducing the life of the carpet as well. So, carpet cleaning is required for a healthy living, long life of the carpet and aesthetic advantage. Clean carpets always give a presentable sight to your home/office. All kind of stains and odors are also taken care of by our certified cleaners.

Can you do Carpet Water Restoration?

Water damaging carpets is a common situation. Sometimes it is an unfortunate flood and sometimes it is just a washing machine leakage. Even a roof leak is potential enough to ruin your carpets. In such unexpected circumstances, it is advisable to call us as soon as possible and we can do carpet water restoration. Yes, we have proper machines to suck out water from your carpet without ruining your expensive asset. We have experience in the same and our cleaners have skilled hands to do so in a quick and smooth manner.

Can you Clean Wool Carpets?

YES. SK Cleaning is a carpet cleaning expert company. Our experience backs our talent and skills. And we constantly keep upgrading our methodologies and technologies to offer you the best of cleaning services. We are capable to clean all sorts of carpets – be it of any fabric. Our qualified cleaners are trained how to differentiate between the fabrics of the carpet and how to treat each fabric differently. So you do not have to worry any more about your wool carpets, with SK Cleaning you can be sure that they are in good hands!

Can you do Same Day Carpet Cleaning?

YES! We do take same day carpet cleaning calls. We understand and value the importance of time for our customers. And we completely agree that taking out time for carpet cleaning is not just tedious but difficult too. To make it a little easy for you, we provide same day carpet cleaning services throughout all suburbs of Melbourne. You just have to give us a call and we will take it further from there. SK Cleaning also specializes in emergency carpet cleaning for Melbourne area.

How do I have to Pay?

We provide numerous easy modes of payment to our customers for carpet cleaning services. You can choose the one that suits you the best. These include:

  1. Direct transfer
  2. Cash
  3. Credit Cards including
  4. Internet banking
  5. Cheques

However, do keep in mind that you ONLY have to pay if you are absolutely satisfied with our carpet cleaning services!

Can you do carpet stain removal?

YES! SK Cleaning team specializes in spotless carpet cleaning and we ensure that your carpets are injected with new life once we complete our job. Even if you have tough to remove stains on your valuable carpets then also you do not need to worry about anything. Our professionally skilled and experienced cleaners are trained to get rid of all kinds of stains from your carpets. They have special cleaning agents to treat such stains and make your carpets brighter again. Give s a call and we ensure you will start loving our carpet again!

Will it be too expensive?

No. At SK Cleaning, we endeavor to bring to you the best of carpet cleaning in Melbourne at the best of prices. So you can be assured of getting the best possible rates for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We offer unbeatable prices in the market. We very well know that getting your carpets cleaned is a necessity and not a luxury and to make it easy for you we provide cost-effective solutions for your carpet cleaning needs. You can give us a call any time of the day and ask for a free quote for your particular requirement.

Can you repair carpet flood damage?

SK Cleaning specializes in flood damage restoration from your carpets. If your carpets have faced washing machine leakage, roof leakage, or unexpected flood then we can restore your carpets in a flawless manner. We have experience in carpet water restoration of over 10 years and our expertise enables us to handle all sorts of carpet restoration cases. Our certified cleaners are trained to handle such situations and give our customers a memorable cleaning experience. However, we advise you to call us as soon as possible whenever your carpets have to undergo excessive water.

Do you offer guarantee for your carpet cleaning services?

Yes, SK Cleaning services offer guaranteed results for our carpet cleaning services. Our talent, experience, and knowledge enhance our confidence to serve our customers in a better way. Our entire team is dedicated to provide you premiere customer service through all our services. We are so convinced about our performance that we don’t ask you for any payment unless you are satisfied with our service. Otherwise, you do not have to pay if you are not completely satisfied.

When can I walk on the carpets once they are cleaned?

As soon as we are done with carpet cleaning at your home/office, our cleaners will go through it again with you to confirm if the service has been done as per your expectations. Once it is done, it takes a few hours before your carpet gets completely dry. It is advisable to keep your pets and kids away from the carpet when it is drying on its own otherwise it can get stained badly. In a few hours’ time, you will see that the carpet is completely dry and then you can use it as you have been using it before.

Can you provide mould removal from carpets?

Yes, we actually do a fantastic job of mould removal from your expensive carpets. SK Cleaning provides a deep carpet cleaning for Melbourne residents. A deep cleaning ensures that the carpet is clean not just from the outside surface but deep within. For this, we use high-tech cleaning shampoos to get rid of all kind of allergens, moulds, bacteria, and other pollutants from your carpet. Your kids and pets play on the carpet and you use it on daily basis therefore it is vital to keep it healthy for the entire family, otherwise it could lead to unhealthy consequences. We help you keep your carpets mould-free and thereby healthy!

Will I have to move furniture?

No, our cleaners will do whatever is required. They will move the furniture to clean the carpet and keep it back on its original position after completing the cleaning service. However, we request you to remove all breakable items from the area to be cleaned so that none of your items gets damaged at any cost. With SK Cleaning, you can rest assured that your property, carpets, and furniture is in safe hands. Our cleaners are insured, licensed, trained, and skilled to handle all sorts of carpet cleaning requirements.

How can I contact SK Cleaning if I have a water emergency?

We understand that water damaged carpets need immediate attention and emergency treatment. For this, we are available round the clock every day to handle any water emergency. You can give us a call at 1300284115 and our customer service will ensure to get a carpet water restoration expert visit your home as soon as possible.

Can you offer budget carpet dry cleaning?

Yes, SK Cleaning offers carpet dry cleaning at affordable prices. In fact, you will find that our prices are rock-bottom as compared to the ones offered by other service providers in Melbourne. You can even compare our prices. Also, we do not have any hidden costs or any additional charges, so what we quote is what you need to give. Call us for free quotation on 1300284115. Our executives will offer you the best possible price for your specific requirements.

Will all the carpets stains be gone?

SK Cleaning experts try their level best to remove all stains from your expensive carpets. However, we can’t guarantee that without having a look at your carpet. Please call us for a free quote and our certified cleaners will visit your home/office, inspect your carpets and will give you a detailed estimate of the price and what to expect from a deep carpet cleaning from SK Cleaning.

Is carpet steam cleaning better than carpet dry cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning involves hot water extraction method where loads of water along with cleaning solution is used to extract soil and other germ particles from the carpet. Carpet dry cleaning, on the other hand, uses a little amount of water that is used in absorbent pads to scrub the carpet and remove stains and pollutants. Both these processes show dramatic results if executed properly. Our cleaners inspect your carpet and according to the requirement choose the best possible cleaning method it deserves.

Do you have emergency flood water carpet restoration services?

Yes, we do have emergency flood water carpet restoration services in all suburbs of Melbourne. We have expert hands to restore your carpets from any flood damage. Also, we have latest equipment for carpet flood restoration so that we can provide the best service to you. But we request you to give us a call immediately so that repairs could be done without any serious damage.

Is my home safe with your cleaners?

Absolutely! To ensure the safety of your home, we make sure that we have only certified and insured cleaners on board with us. You can stay relaxed and have complete peace of mind with SK Cleaning Services Melbourne.

Are your cleaning methods safe for my kids and pets?

Yes, we do take into consideration the well-being of our customers and their kids and pets in choosing our powerful cleaning methods. All our cleaning solutions are made of biodegradable ingredients and are totally eco-friendly. They do not contain any toxic elements so you can be sure of the safety of your loved ones when you choose SK Cleaning Services Melbourne for your cleaning needs.

Do you perform carpet repair too?

Yes, we do perform carpet repair too in all suburbs of Melbourne. We have expert technicians who are well qualified, trained, and experienced in carpet repair.

How effective is your carpet stain removal service?

SK Cleaning Services is known for delivering quality cleaning services. Our carpet stain removal ensures that all stains from your carpet are worked upon. We have tough solutions for tougher stains. However, in case we find a stain that cannot be cleaned, we will let you know about it before we get down to work.

How safe are your carpet cleaning methods?

We use Eco-friendly cleaning agents. Moreover, we care for our customers safety and complete satisfaction.
How will I decide whether my carpet requires dry cleaning or steam cleaning?
Both the processes have their own advantages. Our team of technicians will have a minute look on your carpet. They would inspect the amount of damage on your carpet, i.e. number of spots, soiling and stains. Then they would decide which process is the best for your carpet. Trust us we would give our 100% in cleaning your carpet.

What kind of services do you provide?

SK Cleaning Services Melbourne offers complete range of carpet cleaning services at both commercial and residential level. These include carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet flood water extraction, carpet stain removal, pet stain and odour removal, mould removal from carpet, and emergency carpet cleaning.

Would you be able to remove pet vomit from our carpets?

Yes, we can definitely remove pet vomit from your carpets. We can guarantee that odor or smell will be completely gone. You will rather get fresh lemon smell from your carpets.

How would you be able to clean wool carpets?

We got experienced in wool carpet steam cleaning services. We use low temperature steam which would not damage your wool carpets.

Will be there any Wet Smell After Carpet Steam Cleaning Service?

We use carpet deodorising and sensitising and there will be no smell after carpet steam cleaning service.

How to get rid of stale milk smell from carpet?

Either call us we can get rid of stale milk smell from carpet within 1 hour or watch following video.

Can I make homemade carpet cleaning solution?

Yes you can make carpet cleaning solution.However you need to be careful. Please watch following video to know how make home made carpet cleaning solution for carpet cleaning machine.

Great Service.

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Mark arranged for Sam and his colleague to visit my mother's house promptly. They arrived ahead of time, which was appreciated. They cleaned and sanitised her heating ducts and filters with a friendly, thorough and clean service. Will always recommend them.

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I called SK Cleaning Services Melbourne last week for my upholstery and carpets. And I am happy to say that they ensured to satisfy them with their job. Everything was done with utmost perfection and professionalism. I loved the fact that they work on a weekend happily. – Sue

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Mark arranged for Sam and his colleague to visit my mother's house promptly. They arrived ahead of time, which was appreciated. They cleaned and sanitized her heating ducts and filters with a friendly, thorough and clean service. Will always recommend them.
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