Mattress Cleaning FAQs

Can you Remove Stains from my Mattresses?

We are experts in stain removals when it comes to cleaning your mattresses. Whether your pet has taken the natural call on your mattress or your kids have spilled juice/coffee/colors or anything – we are equipped to get rid of all such hard to remove stains. We have strong cleaning agents that do not harm your mattresses but ensure that no stains are left behind. SK Mattress Cleaning can even take care of wine stains.

Why Should I Choose SK Mattress Cleaning?

SK Mattress Cleaning provides a wide range of cleaning solutions for your residential as well as commercial requirements. We work with only certified and qualified cleaners who are properly trained before assigning any cleaning project. We make use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions to save the environment. We are quick in our services and you can call us even on weekends. We understand the importance of your precious time and thus we take emergency calls too. We are locals in Melbourne and provide our services to all the suburbs. We have been doing mattress cleaning for the last 10 years.

What’s your Mattress Cleaning Process?

Once you hire us for cleaning your mattresses, our experienced cleaners will pre-inspect your mattresses to note down tough stains, difficult areas and any other similar thing that requires special attention. Then the tough stains are treated with special solutions to ensure the mattresses get rid of those stains. Once done, proper mattress cleaning procedure takes place using chemical-free cleaning solutions with latest machines. And finally, we sanitize and deodorize your mattresses to inject a new life into them! Lastly, a post-inspection is done by our cleaners to make certain everything has been done flawlessly and you are completely satisfied.

Why do I need mattress cleaning?

Mattresses form an important part of your life and it has to go through a lot during the everyday usage. It accumulates dust, dirt particles, allergens, skin particles, body oil, and all sorts of contaminants. This amassed pollutant could be risky for your family members. Therefore, it is necessary to have your mattresses cleaned by professionals like SK Cleaning once in a while. We not just clean your mattresses but sanitize and deodorize them thoroughly. With our latest methodology and cleaning solutions, we ensure to provide you the best of mattress cleaning in Melbourne.

Will my mattress become allergen free after cleaning services?

Yes, definitely. With SK Cleaning services, you can be sure that your mattresses will definitely become allergen free once you hire our certified and trained cleaners to clean your mattresses. We are equipped with the ultra modern techniques and technologies to give you the finest cleaning service in Melbourne. Our cleaners know that the main motive of mattress cleaning is to make them hygienic for use. And they do their best to achieve the same and make your home atmosphere clean and healthy!

What would it cost me for mattress sanitizing?

When you call us for a free quote, we request to answer certain questions to provide us details about the kind of work required. This enables us to give you a rough idea about the cost of the service. We need to know the size of the mattress, how many mattresses need to be cleaned, and if there any stains that need to be pre-treated. All these factors decide the cost of mattress sanitizing. However, with SK Cleaning you can be sure of getting the lowest prices in Melbourne for all your cleaning needs.

The tag on my mattress says dry cleaning, can SK Cleaning help?

Yes! Actually we have expertise in mattress dry cleaning and our cleaners are taught how to handle different fabrics. When you call SK Cleaning for mattress cleaning, you can stay assured that your stuff is in skilled hands. We always stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that your mattresses are not damaged during the cleaning process. Dry cleaning the mattress makes it not just aesthetically clean but deeply cleaned for your loved ones. Give us a call and avail our services at cheap prices; don’t forget to ask for discounts!

I am thinking of replacing my mattresses; can they still be restored?

Yes! Many of our customers were on the verge of selling their mattresses thinking that they could not be restored any further. But when they approached us, our expert cleaners found that those mattresses could be restored with proper methods. We not just provide mattress cleaning but mattress repair too whenever required. So we have complete restoration package for your costly mattresses. Before selling them off, do give us a call and talk to our customer service advisors who might be able to help you out!

Do you have any special offers?

Yes, there are various special offers and exclusive discounts that we offer to our respected customers in Melbourne. You can see our homepage to have a look at the available discounts. Also, we request you to subscribe to our mailing list to get notifications about the latest discounts and offers on numerous cleaning services by SK Cleaners.

Can I get a free quote over the phone for mattress dry cleaning?

Yes, we prefer to give you a rough estimate of the service required over the phone only. Our customer service advisors work round the clock to answer your queries. So you can call us 24×7 any day of the week and get free quotation. Our executives will take you through a few questions that are required to give you a rough estimate. In some cases, we will have to come down to your home/office and inspect the mattresses before we tell you how much the mattress cleaning will cost.

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