Tile and grout cleaning FAQs

Can you do grout recolouring?

Yes, we do have option for grout recolouring at SK Cleaning Services Melbourne. So if you think the color of your grouts is gone or they are dirty way beyond any possible cleaning then avail our affordable grout recolouring service and transform your floors!

Can you fix grout cracks?

Yes, we have fixed grout cracks for many of our customers who thought there was no other option but to replace their grouts. So before you think of changing your grouts because of those ugly cracks, give us a call and we might give you an alternate solution.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Victoria

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Expert Carpet Steam Cleaning Service and affordable prices. After Carpet Cleaning we duct SK Cleaning services for cleaning central duct cleaning service. Really happy and work is awesome for both duct & carpet cleaning service.Always use SK cleaners

Certified Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning

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If you are looking for certified and licensed cleaners for your valuable carpets then choose none other than SK Cleaning Services in Melbourne. This company is one of its kinds with options for a variety of cleaning services. All of my carpets are cleaned by certified cleaners from SK Cleaning Services. And I don’t plan to shift to another cleaner in near future.

Amazing Cleaning Experience!

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I have had an amazing cleaning experience with SK Cleaning Melbourne. They are professional, economical, fast, qualified, experienced, and highly courteous. We recommend them to others as well.
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