How much time will it take to complete the whole task?

The total time taken by SK Cleaning team for upholstery cleaning depends on the size and area of your property. It also depends on how many stains it has and what all has to be done to clean it thoroughly. However, we never restrict our work within set timelines to ensure you get the best service. Once we are done, your wood floors along with the upholstery will take a few hours to dry. But in most cases, upholstery gets dry sooner as compared to woolen rugs.

My white couch has urine smell; can you help?

Yes, it is one of our fortes at SK Cleaning. Removing urine smell and stains is what our cleaners are trained to do. And they have got experienced of doing the same for over a decade. So if your pet or kid has spoiled your rich upholstery then you do not have to worry. Just give us a call on 1300284115 and our expert, skilled cleaners will take care of the same without much difficulty. You can be sure that once we are done with the job, you won’t even have a tint of smell left behind. All you have is fresh and clean looking white couch!

The upholstery is fading color; can you restore its color?

Yes, SK Cleaning has expertise in restoring quality, color and appearance of your upholstery through its exclusively designed cleaning methods. Our cleaning methods involve usage of ultra modern technology, latest techniques, and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are harmless for your family and environment. We have restored multifarious upholstery items of numerous clients in Melbourne; some of them were being considered for replacement. So give it a try before you decide to replace your upholstery and we will try to inject a new life to it!

Do you provide onsite upholstery cleaning?

Yes, SK Cleaning offers onsite upholstery cleaning. Most of the time, we prefer to clean your upholstery/furniture/carpet/rugs at your place only. This saves time and any additional expenses. Moreover, we wish our clients to have a visual inspection of their upholstery once the cleaning is done so that we know they are completely satisfied with the services.

I am not aware of the fabric of my upholstery. What to do?

There is a tag at the upholstery that comes from the manufacturer. This tag has details about the upholstery – material, cleaning instructions, any precautions to be taken, and so on. However, if you don’t even see the tag let it be. You don’t have to worry about the upholstery’s fabric if you are hiring professionals like SK Cleaners. Our experienced technicians are well-versed with all kinds of upholstery fabrics. They will check your upholstery before cleaning to see which material it is made of and then opt for a cleaning method accordingly.

Where your upholstery cleaning services available in Melbourne?

SK Cleaning services offers its complete range of upholstery cleaning services in all parts of Melbourne. Our cleaners have kept all suburbs covered – Southern, Eastern, Western, and Northern.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes, all our cleaners are absolutely insured as we believe in providing utmost safety and security to our esteemed customers. Your property is safe in our hands.

Can you perform upholstery steam cleaning?

Yes, we do specialize in upholstery steam cleaning at SK Cleaning. Our cleaners are knowledgeable enough to figure out which cleaning method would best suit your upholstery and they apply the cleaning treatment accordingly. Call for expert upholstery steam cleaning in any part of Melbourne!

Can you do anything about Odor in my Upholstery?

SK Cleaning Melbourne is a well-established cleaning company that specializes in providing complete cleaning solutions for your home. From cleaning, repairing, stain removal to odor removal we do it all. We have exclusive solutions and cleaning methods for upholstery odor removal. When you call us, you just need to tell us your problems and rest assured they all will be taken care of. Our certified cleaners have the latest technology and methodology to provide you the best! With SK Cleaning, no odor is strong enough to stay any longer with your upholstery.

What kind of upholstery cleaning services do you provide?

SK Cleaning Services is a leading name in Melbourne. We are upholstery cleaning specialists and we offer a complete range of upholstery cleaning services such as residential upholstery cleaning, commercial upholstery cleaning, upholstery stain removal, upholstery water damage restoration, upholstery steam cleaning, and upholstery dry cleaning.

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Quality Craftsmanship!

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For us they have the best craftsmanship when it comes to providing complete cleaning solutions for homes. We have become their regulars for the last 3 years. – Ava

Amazing Cleaning Experience!

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I have had an amazing cleaning experience with SK Cleaning Melbourne. They are professional, economical, fast, qualified, experienced, and highly courteous. We recommend them to others as well.

Supreme service

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I would highly recommend this service I had my carpets and furniture cleaned and it was heavily stained and looks brand new again They offer prompt service the guy was stuck in traffic and advised he would be late and was % minutes early. Totally proffessional.
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