6 Things You Should Know About Curtain Cleaning

Curtains play the role of maintaining the amount of sunlight inside your house and also stops the flow of dirt inside. Curtains also add on to the beauty of the walls and windows as they are variably designed and coloured. Curtains are mostly ignored in comparison to the floor and carpet in terms of cleaning at home. Below we are enumerating six things you should know about Curtain Cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning

These Are Six Things You Should Know About Curtain Cleaning:

1. A Regular Curtain Cleaning

Cleaning your Curtain and Blinds regularly will make them durable as well as dirt free. It is an easy task because we daily open and close our curtains, at that time you can clean them with a jerk which will remove the accumulated dirt on the same day. The daily dirt removal helps to protect curtains from mould growth.

2. Determine The Type of Curtain Fabric

You must have knowledge about the types of fabric of the Curtain and Blinds Cleaning. They come in different variety and some are very delicate which can get discoloured or loosening of yarns from the machine wash or use of harsh washing powder. The determination of the fabric types helps us to decide about the type of wash your curtain need.  

3. Check The Washing Instructions

Read the washing instruction page attached with your curtain and follow them whenever you clean your curtain. Not following the instructions and leaving them inside washing powder solutions for longer or putting it with other curtain or colourful cloth could give you surprises in the form of discoloration or shade of other colours.

4. Dry Cleaning

Dry Curtain Cleaning is the best method for cleaning curtains because in this process you need not remove your curtains and you can clean them. You need to jerk them such that the specks of dirt on it get removed and then you can use the vacuum cleaner for the remaining dirt. This process also maintains the fabric of delicate curtains.

5. Special Care For Lined Curtains

Lined curtains need special care, as mostly they are delicate and get more dirt than other curtains due to their placing position. Thus, it needs a gentle hand wash with detergent cake. Never do machine wash of lined curtains, there are more chances that they will get damaged.

6. Other Cleaning Options

Besides those above methods, there are several technical methods for safe and better cleaning of the curtains. You need Professional Curtain Cleaners at your service for the methods like Steam Curtain Cleaning and Deep Curtain Cleaning as well as Curtain Stain removal.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Concluding and Hiring Professionals

You read, how small steps can reduce the burden of curtain cleaning if you consider them daily. While ignoring dirt on the curtain can lead to accumulation of heavy dirt which further generate mark and mould on the curtain. At such conditions, you need to hire Professional Curtain Cleaners who are experts in dealing with all kinds of curtain related problems.

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