Are You Worried About After Party Mess?

You enjoyed a lot as you spent some special moments with your family.From food to fun, everything was something you will cherish for a lifetime apart from your dirty carpet. The only one who bears & feels these on its back is your room carpet. As you enjoy your party, the carpet faces dirt, waste materials, spillage and what not? So it is your duty to clean your carpet immediately with expert advice from carpet cleaners near you.

Carpet Chocolates Stain Removal
Carpet Chocolates Stain Removal

Why Carpet Become Dirty As You Party Hard?

Carpet faces a lot more than being a simple cloth laid on the floor. The parties mean drinks, spicy foods, chocolates, and other hard stain materials on the carpet. After a few days, these dirty stains got infected and cause severe health hazards & carpet hazards too. So a carpet disinfection service is quite essential after party. We at Ses Cleaning Services are available when it comes to Carpet Cleaning services.

Methods to Clean Dirty Carpets?

Do By Yourself:

Your carpet & our care which is so unfair. If you are not aware of the stain of your carpet so does us. You are the first person who actually initiates the cleaning work. Here are some practical tips to do the initial carpet mold treatment at your level so that the things never go too bad till we reach with our team.

Tips for Wine Stains:

Red wine is the compulsory product of most of the parties and stain by the red wine is also very common for carpet. When there is a wine stain noticed on your carpet do these following steps immediately. First clean with a piece of cloth or paper to suck out the extra moisture. Blotting paper is best in this case; if blotting paper is not around a plan paper or piece of cloth also do the job.

The next step of the self Carpet Cleaning Services process is the application of baking soda on the carpet wine stain.  Let it dry and vacuums thereafter. You never need a carpet cleaner for these simple works. But, after that, you need our professional cleaning for the best cleaning result.

Chocolate Stains:

There are two types of chocolate stains are there at the party. Some are dry chocolate in the form of candy & others are fresh chocolate of the cake. Here are the simple tips to follow for your carpet cleaning on your own.

First, gently remove the chocolate materials from the carpet using a spoon or knife. Then vacuum the stained area with a vacuum cleaner. Put a paper towel over the stain and make warm with iron. The heat from iron melts the remaining chocolate stain and the paper towel sucks it from the carpet.

Carpet Wine Stain Removal
Carpet Wine Stain Removal

Hire Professionals Services

Our experts know many other tips & tricks for home carpet cleaning in different types of stains. The only distance between you & your carpet health is your call. Call us to hire our professional cleaning service.Our highly trained experts will give you the best cleaning experience in your bedroom. We at Ses Cleaning Services always there with you in your every cleaning issue.