Best Methods to Clean Your Carpets at Home

Cleaning your carpet is essential because a dirty carpet can spread allergies and make your room look grisly. You can approach a professional cleaning service even though there are many same day carpet cleaning services. You can also do this at your home by yourself.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service


METHOD 1: Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the best processes to clean your carpets, it will suck carpet dirt and dirty air. But before you start using vacuum cleaner always take away coins, toys, and furniture. If you are unable to move items of furniture then get a  cranny extension. Cranny extension will help you to reach directly below the sofa and clean the hidden dirt under the sofa. If you have a dog you should vacuum your carpet twice or thrice in a week because the hair fall of dogs is more often than a human. Vacuuming also makes the carpet fluffy so it can easily remove dirt.

METHOD 2: Stain Removal

Put some stain remover or carpet cleaner on carpet it will help to remove bad spots. You can also use natural and homemade solutions to get rid of stains. Take a clean cloth and put some stain cleaner on it and press lightly on the carpet. But don’t rub at stains otherwise it can spread use limited amount of cleaner on the carpet using more of it can be harmful to carpets. carpet stain removal and cleaning will be easily done by this method.

METHOD 3: Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning can be done by the help of a machine that allows low moisture cleaning and carpet cleaning is easily done by this without leaving any dirt, sand, grit, allergies.

METHOD 4: Carpet Shampooing

You can do carpet shampooing for carpet cleaning. You can purchase your carpet shampooing machine  or You can have it on rent. Many stores and hardware shops provide it on rent. Buy detergents for shampooing. Prepare the detergent solution as stated by the direction given on the bottle. Put the usual amount of detergent and fill up the water container on the machine with water. Do this carefully, adding too much detergent can damage your carpet and machine. Now use your machine and shampooing the carpet carefully and do this with naked feet so there will be no shoe print otherwise you’ll have to clean it again. After shampooing, leave your air conditioner and fan on. So, the carpet can dry completely. Usually, the carpet dry process takes 6-13 hours, So don’t walk on carpets during this period.

METHOD 5: Carpet Steam Cleaning

The carpet steam cleaning method is one of the finest methods for carpet cleaning. Take a steam cleaner and fill up with warm water. Keep your water amount as directed by the machine to prevent water overflowing. You can also use detergent in Steam Carpet Cleaning Services with a specific amount. Or you can use natural substances like vinegar with water. Mix equal amount of vinegar and water. Then proceed to steam the carpet. Firstly, go through with the corner then move slowly to the other side of the carpet. Keep the machine head in the forward direction and move slowly. After steaming, let the carpet dry.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Seek Professional Assistance 

Call the professionals for carpet cleaning services. We can also provide you the same day Best Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. Trust in us and you will never regret. You can rely on Ses Cleaning Services. Inquire on this (+61) 482 075 091 for more information.