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Can Fleas Survive Carpet Cleaning

The quickest answer to this question is yes. Cleaning your carpet kills the flea but it does not control flea infestation. Hiring experienced professionals carpet cleaning services can be a remedy to the problem too, but there are some factors you have to consider if you want to get rid of fleas completely.

Flea Carpet Cleaning Service
Flea Carpet Cleaning Service

Useful Tips to End Flea Infestation 

Apart from living in your carpet, you can find the fleas on your pet, upholstery, and the pet’s bedding. Carpet cleaning Services can remove eggs and fleas from your carpet but they will still be present in the other locations. Unfortunately, you will most likely not find the best cure to a flea infestation. The process of getting away with fleas may take several weeks. 

Fleas are mostly found in a warm and moist environment. Your home is likely to be infested by fleas on spring season when temperatures start warming and the percentage of moisture in the air is very high. If you have a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler at your home, you might be faced with this problem due to the added moisture in the home environment. 

How to Control Flea Infestation

If you happen to notice flea infestation on your house, first consider treating your pets to kill the bets and their eggs that may be present on the pet’s body. If you have a problem in deciding which pet treatment will be best on your pet, consult your pet groomer. Some of the possible treatments will include flea collar, medicated shampoos, body powder or topical medication. 

Expert Carpet Cleaning
Expert Carpet Cleaning

Wash and vacuum the entire infested area to kill the fleas. Wash anything that you suspect it might be harboring the fleas. This includes curtains, pet bedding, and cushion covers. A good heated water and proper cleaning will ensure that all eggs and fleas are dead. Vacuum area rugs, furniture, carpets, cat trees, and dispose of the vacuum bag cleaner well. By vacuuming, you will suck up all the eggs and fleas but you are advised to dispose of the bag cleaner well since the fleas are still alive and failure to do this will mean the fleas will remain in your home. 

The eggs of the fleas that were not removed during the previous cleaning start to hatch after 2 to 3 days or stay dormant for a longer period in favorable surroundings. You are advice to do the cleaning after a week or two from the previous treatment. Repeat the whole process and do not forget too that the vacuum bag should be disposed of well. 

Severe Infestation of Fleas

If you have a feeling that the fleas heavily infest your home, you may have to look for a pesticide. You can get the pesticide from the counters at your local supermarkets or consult your local pest controlling organization for the best pesticide and ways of eliminating the fleas. One of the pesticides you would likely to found on the counters includes a powder form treatment that you can apply on the furniture and floors before washing. After cleaning the area with the powder now, consider vacuuming. 

Another way of dealing with the problem is by bug bombs or forger that involves filling the entire room with chemicals to kill the eggs and fleas. However, whichever method you will choose to use, you are required to remove your pets and family from the home for some time. This is because the chemicals may lead to respiratory problems. Carpet sanitizing also helps removing the fleas.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services at your Doorstep

From the above article, we discover that carpet cleaning is the best way of dealing with flea infestation. In addition to that, other methods can be used to eliminate fleas. Make sure to apply professional Carpet Cleaning in Perth after treating your home. This ensures that all the eggs, dead fleas and pesticides are eliminated from the home.

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