Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Bring Back The Lost Shine of Your Carpets With Experts 

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane: At Ses, we are a team of awesome Carpet Cleaners who are focused on bringing the desired results to our customers. We deliver the best carpet cleaning services all across Brisbane. Our technicians are always equipped with the latest tools and possess the right skills to restore your carpet and make them look new once again.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

The range of our services includes carpet steam cleaning, stain removal, carpet shampooing, carpet deodorising, carpet sanitising, fabric protection, dry cleaning, carpet mould removal, pet hair removal from carpet, pet stain and odour removal from carpet, carpet repair and re-installation and more.

Call Ses Carpet Cleaning Brisbane for same-day services.

  1. Over 20 Years of Experience in carpet steam & dry cleaning
  2. Certified & Experienced Cleaners.
  3. Best Deals on Carpet Cleaning.
  4. FREE no-obligation quote.
  5. Oil Stain Carpet Cleaning
  6. Australian Owned Family Business.
  7. Best Carpet Stain Removel
  8. Truck Mounted Machines.
  9. Carpet Shampooing
  10. Advanced Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Enjoy a Hassle & Stress-Free Carpet Cleaning Service at Ses Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Experts in Brisbane
Carpet Cleaning Service in Brisbane

Carpet cleaning becomes a tough task if it remains uncleaned for a longer time. The dirt and stain residing in it do not come out easily as well it creates more problems while washing. Call expert cleaners from Ses Cleaning Service who are experienced in this work so much that any type of carpet cleaning becomes a hassle & stress- free for them. Our cleaners are able to operate modern cleaning tools as well as they are acknowledged about carpets.

Awesome Carpet Cleaners Brisbane

We are a team of professional and well-versed carpet steam cleaners in Brisbane. We offer professional carpet steam/dry and carpet stain removal services. Ses Carpet Cleaners take your request on priority and are available for the same day and emergency carpet steam cleaning services. Our local carpet cleaners live nearby suburbs including northern suburbs, eastern suburbs, western suburbs and southern suburbs of Brisbane.

Best Carpet Cleaning Service Brisbane

Refresh your home carpets today with Ses Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Experienced carpet cleaners with advanced carpet stain removal solutions.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane

  • It begins with a fibre test of the carpet to determine the most appropriate cleaning solution for your carpet
  • The dry particles in the carpet are subjected to dry vacuuming.
  • Next, loosen all stains with eco-friendly cleaning agents.
  • The steam is infused into the carpet fibres, which loosens up dust particles, stains, and other contaminants.
  • Done to extract water, pollutants, and cleaning solution from the carpet.
  • Employ a very effective drying method to hasten carpet drying.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane

We offer specialized carpet dry cleaning using advanced equipment. Our technology involves Very Low Moisture (VLM) or no-moisture cleaning methods. This paves way for beautiful carpets that have elongated lives. Our process is as explained below:

  • It starts with carpet analysis to choose the most suitable cleaning solution for your specific carpet.
  • Advanced vacuuming is done to remove all the dirt and pollutants.
  • Washing is carried out to eliminate all stains.
  • Post carpet vacuuming

Carpet Mould Removal Brisbane

Mould on the carpet? Ses Cleaners can help. Mould is grown on your carpeting when there is any source of moisture in the room. This development in carpeting degrades air quality that causes several health issues. Mould growth on the carpet should not be ignored or taken lightly. It’s always best to call professionals for carpet mould removal instead of trying on your own. Ses Carpet cleaners can do the mould removal task from your carpets with the help of advanced tools, specialised cleaning solutions, and the right skills. Hire us today and get our services at discounted prices now.

Carpet Stain Removal Brisbane

Stains on the carpets are a pain. But they are one of the unstoppable things in the world. And homes with little kids and pets have to face such accidents more frequently. However some stains on the carpet are can be removed easily with a little effort, but if the stain belongs to a stubborn stain family, you may need the professionals. This is because the professionals have the right tools and cleaning solutions to make your floor coverings clean and spotless. Whether it is coffee or tea carpet Stains removal, carpet wine stain removal, greasy and oil-based stain removal, juice and dye stain removal, and pet stains and odours removal we can clean them.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

We at Ses Cleaning use up-to-date techniques for cleaning your carpets – Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning. With the right equipment and cleaning solutions, we are capable of performing your carpet cleaning task to perfection. The hot water extraction method involves the injection of hot water and a special cleaning solution inside the carpet fibre using a heavy-duty machine. The water is then extracted that brings along the pollutants, dirt and allergens present inside the carpet. This is one of the best methods to restore your carpets to their original condition.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

Another specialized service we offer for carpet cleaning includes the end-of-lease carpet cleaning in Brisbane. When you are moving out of the rental property, you have to hire professionals for cleaning the carpet at the end of the lease. Moving out is already stressful work, on top of that finding a quality carpet cleaning service provider adds stress to it. Hence, if you are in the search of a reputed carpet cleaning service provider in Brisbane, Ses Cleaning Services can be your best bet. The cleaning team of our professionals reaches your doorstep with all the advanced tools and cleaning kits to provide you with satisfactory results.

Make Your Floor Covering Spic-and-Span With Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Brisbane.

Call for Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Brisbane which is an enhanced cleaning service of Ses Cleaning. All the required tools and cleaning solutions were loaded in a truck for Truck-mounted carpet cleaning. Our professional cleaners exactly know the requirements of the most effective carpet cleaning. We facilitate them with all the requirements so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. The other teams do not come with such high-level preparation before the service. Our team will certainly make your carpet spic and span as a result of their high-end services.

Get Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services at Affordable Prices

Most of the companies make you pay a huge amount for the carpet cleaning services whether it’s in Residential or Commercial areas. Get reliable services from Ses Cleaning for both residential & commercial areas that are too at an affordable price. You will not find any difference in the quality of service with the change in money. Our technicians are local and they understand the types of building in Brisbane and the carpet cleaning needs of customers.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Packages

We offer 15% Flat discounts to our senior citizens. At the moment we are offering amazing deals only for carpet steam cleaning service.

  1. Hallway Steam Cleaning
  2. Stair Steam Cleaning.
  3. Eco-Friendly Services.

Other Services

  • Vomit Stain Removal from Carpet
  • Blood Stain Removal from Carpet
  • Urine Stain and odour removal from carpet
  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Water damage restoration
  • Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Wine Stain Removal From Carpet
  • Carpet Oil Stain Removal
  • Carpet Repair
  • 24 hours customer service
  • Emergency Flood Damage Restorations Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Whether you are in the search of local carpet cleaning or professional carpet cleaning, your final destination is Ses Cleaning Services. The team of our carpet cleaners is highly professional and result oriented. They understand well that different carpet fibre requires different treatment, so, they handle your carpet with the utmost care and professionalism.  Experience and excellence are the two factors that make us one of the best local carpet cleaning companies in Brisbane. And if you are looking for cheap carpet cleaners in Brisbane, then we have caught you there too! We offer guaranteed results at the lowest prices in the industries.

Premier Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Brisbane

We offer professional carpet steam/dry cleaning services across Brisbane.

  • Cleaner carpets
  • Hygienic lifestyle
  • Healthier carpets
  • Better air quality
  • Contaminant removal from carpets
  • Lesser health problems
  • Improved carpet life
  • No expense on carpet replacement
  • The improved decor of your home

We Can Clean All Kinds Of Carpets

The carpet cleaning team at Ses is really serious about its work and steam cleans every corner of your home.

Our carpet cleaners are professional in cleaning all kinds of carpets.

  • Textured Carpet Cleaning
  • Single Bed Room Carpet Cleaning
  • Hallway Steam Cleaning
  • Saxony Steam Cleaning
  • Plush Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Double Bed Carpet Cleaning
  • Cut and loop Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Double Story Home Carpet Cleaning
  • Lounge Room Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Checklist

  • Moving the furniture in the start.
  • Scrutinization of the carpet to ascertain the quality by which the carpet has been manufactured.
  • Deciding the precise methods for cleaning.
  • Out-and-out vacuuming
  • To loosen the little dirt particles we use spray foam for better results.
  • Clean spots and greasy blemishes.
  • Later, our experts steam clean the carpet (with the hot water extraction method)
  • Next, our experts deodorize the area which is clean now.
  • The average drying time of the carpet is 3-6 hours.

We’ll Bring Back That New Carpet Feeling.

Refresh your carpet to look like new.

  • Carpet Sanitisation
  • End of lease/bond back carpet cleaning
  • Water or flood damage carpet restoration
  • Stain removal
  • Repair and re-installation
  • Carpet sewage restoration
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Structure drying
  • Stain protection
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Mould Removal

Carpet Anti-Allergic Treatment 

Ses Cleaning Services not only brings back the lost shine of your carpets but also disinfects them for anti-allergic treatments. With the continuous use, tear & wear, and accidents, they become a hub for contaminants and allergens that spread disease. Hence to treat them, we apply eco-friendly and effective products to kill micro-organisms residing in your carpets and make them hygienic. 

Most Common Types of Carpet Stains We Handle

Carpet Blood Damage Removal Brisbane

Carpet Wine Stain Removal

Blot the spot immediately so that the wine does not get soaked into the carpet to prevent the stain mark. If it remains unnoticed for a longer time then call for a professional stain removal service. Wine is a chemical liquid that when gets in touch with the threads of the carpet makes them tender and breakable. To save it from damage calling a professional is a viable choice. You can rely on the professionals of Ses Cleaning Service.

Carpet Ink Stain Removal

Ink on the carpet leaves stain very quickly. You can blot the spot to prevent the spread of stain to the whole carpet. If the blotting process is not working call for professional help from Ses Cleaning Service to make your carpet ink stain free.

Carpet Blood Stain Removal

Make a solution of washing powder in cold water and wash the spot of stain if it has happened just now. If the stain has dried, scratch the deposit of blood with the help of a brush. Use a clean white cloth to sponge the stain with the detergent solution. Blot with the paper until the liquid is absorbed so that it gets ready for use quickly.

Carpet Pet Stain Removal

If you have pets in the house then the chances of having a stain from them are almost fixed. You can not stop them as you love them but you can make choices that will be helpful in saving your carpet from their stain. The stains from pets’ pee and faeces are very dirty in look as well as leave out a foul smell. Clean them with professional help will be a better option.

Get expert cleaners from Ses Cleaning Service to remove all types of stains on the carpet.

Mobile Carpet Cleaners Brisbane

Our carpet cleaning technicians are fully loaded with up-to-date steam and dry cleaning equipment. Our Mobile carpet cleaners can reach your doorstep on the same day as the booking. Carpet Cleaning Van is our office. Always ready to bring back a new look to your carpet.

  1. Fully Loaded VAN with the latest equipment
  2. Certified Carpet Cleaners
  3. Available 24 hours for the same-day service
  4. Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Service
  5. Cheapest Prices in Brisbane

Same Day Carpet Cleaning 

  • Same Day Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Emergency carpet cleaning and carpet water restoration services all across Brisbane.
  • Ses Cleaning Services has global accreditation from IICRC and our services are benchmarked on high standards of performance. We don’t use unorthodox means to make clients.
  • We use safe, effective, and durable procedures to give your carpet a new look and deliver complete peace of mind to you.
  • None of our cleaning methods employs the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Free Quote: We give a free, no-obligation quote over the phone for our services

Apart from that, you can get flexible carpet cleaning booking timings from Ses Cleaning Services, which is a local company in Brisbane. We are Australian-owned and serve all suburbs of Brisbane.

Reliable & Local Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane

Looking for reliable and local carpet cleaners? Hire SES Cleaning Services. With over an experience of more than 20 years, we understand the kind of services and professionalism our customers prefer. Most of the customers want local cleaners so that they can easily communicate and share their issues. It also becomes easy for us to understand the carpet cleaning needs.

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Service

Flooding in the house is often an emergency situation because it only happens when your house has leakage or damage in the water supply system or ducts in the house. Sometimes tap remains open for long hours by mistakes and creates a flood situation. Emergency flood recovery services can help you in such a situation. We can find the faulty position and correct them in no time.

Carpet & Fabric Scotchguard Protection Brisbane

Carpet Fabric Scotchguard Protection

After steam cleaning gets ready for carpet protection services from us.  We use a technology called E-Gard for protecting your carpets that prevent stains, dirt, and soil from adhering to the fabric of your carpets. E-Gard is an eco-friendly solvent-based solution. It effectively creates an invisible barrier between the fabric of your carpets and its outer layers. E-Gard comes with Healthguard™ which would remove bacteria, germs, and fungi from your carpets.

  1. Eliminate the growth of germs.
  2. Prolong the life of your carpets.
  3. Safe for family & pets
  4. Resistant to stain & soiling

Why Choose SES Carpet Cleaning Services?

There are many reasons why our valued customers prefer choosing us every time they need cleaning for their domestic or commercial carpets.

Some of these are:

  • Industry Leaders: Ses Cleaning Services is a leader in the carpet cleaning industry based in Brisbane.
  • Avant-Garde Equipment: We have stacked up the latest and most sophisticated carpet cleaning devices.
  • Professional Team: Ses Carpet Cleaning Services is backed up by a team of extremely skilled, qualified, and trained carpet cleaners.
  • Exciting Discounts: Our clients can find the best in carpet cleaning deals. We offer a 25% discount on carpet cleaning services in Brisbane and many other exciting discounts on other services. Call us to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cleaning solutions used harmful to children and pets?

NO. Being a leading and trustworthy company, we use eco-friendly and standard cleaning solutions. This is safe for children and pets. However, we recommend keeping your children and pets from the cleaning area for better results.

Do you provide emergency services for carpet cleaning?

Yes, we do. Our cleaners provide the same day and weekend services for emergency cleaning. Reach us to know more about our services.

Which method is best carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning?

Both are the best method for carpet cleaning. Both are useful according to the situation of the carpet. It is mostly used in summer and Dry cleaning is used in winter.

What is the importance of Scotchgard carpet fibre protection?

Scotchgard fibre protection makes a protective layer on the fibres of the carpet. It repels stains and other contaminants and helps to keep your carpets clean for a long time.

I live in Brisbane. Can I get carpet sanitisation for a pet accident on my carpet?

Yes, we have professional services for removing odours and stains created by pets. We are providing this service for all the suburbs in Brisbane.

Our Office Location in Brisbane

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