Carpet Steam Cleaning Checklist

Carpet enhances the elegance and beauty of rooms of our house or cabins of our office. It is our duty to keep carpets clean and tidy. A dirty and filthy looking carpet spoils the ambiance of a room. A dirty carpet homes dust mites, allergens and several other microorganisms which can make us fall allergic.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

There are Various Methods of Carpet Cleaning like

  1. Hot water extraction cleaning or Steam carpet cleaning,
  2. Carpet Shampooing,
  3. Encapsulation,
  4. Bonnet Cleaning, and
  5. Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Out of the above Methods, Steam Carpet Cleaning is one of the most Famous Methods Due to the Following Reasons and Advantages

  1. Carpet manufacturers and experts recommend once-a-year steam cleaning to keep the carpet in good condition and shape,
  2. Deep cleaning takes care of dirt and dust deeply which settles under the layers of the fabric.
  3. Removes all or the maximum variety of oily and non-oily stains, marks and depositions,
  4. Helps you get rid of allergens, dust mites, and microorganisms that can cause allergies or other ailments,
  5. The carpet gets moist by this process but not wet, so, it dries soon.

So before the Professional team or the Crew Arrives for the Execution of the task, we must Complete the Following Activities

Carpet Stain Removal Service

Carpet Stain Removal Service

  1. Remove small, fragile and delicate articles from the room to clean efficiently,
  2. Transfer pets to some other place, maybe to the dog-house or the garage or garden,
  3. Thoroughly inspect the surface of the carpet to find marks and stains and wear and tear. This will help you guide the team for an effective carpet maintenance regime,
  4. Cover the heavy furniture and upholstery of the room with covers and protectors,
  5. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck in loose dirt and dust off your carpet surface,
  6. Take precautions to avoid or minimize traffic in the area which requires cleaning.

Testing the Carpet for Colour Fastness

  • Soak a clean piece of cloth in the stain remover or cleaning agents.
  • Spread the cloth on the carpet and leave it for an hour.
  • Blot the damp area with another clean towel.
  • Check the towel for the spots of colour from the carpet.
  • Keep on checking until you find the best one for your carpet.

You can call the professional’s team Local Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for the carpet cleaning service and you will get the service where everything will be ensured by our experts so there will be no risk at all.

While the Process of Carpet Steam Cleaning is going on, Check the Following Things

  1. Type of detergent which cleaning professionals put into use,
  2. Whether they are maintaining the pH balance while mixing acidic solution to the detergent or not,
  3. The vacuum extraction process which they implement is extracting the dirty water or not,
  4. If you are looking for chemical-free steam treatment, then ensure whether they are using natural products or not.
  5. Ensure whether they are using standard quality disinfectants which shall not affect the fabric of your carpet.
  6. Ensure whether they are maintaining the accurate steaming temperature or not. The steaming temperature varies for different fabrics. The range is between 180 to 212 degree Fahrenheit.

After the Cleaning is done, you have to Maintain the Following Things

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Leave the room in a ventilated state for 8-10 hours for the carpet to dry,
  2. Make the room a zero-traffic zone for this drying session,
  3. Use clean doormats and avoid walking over the carpet in shoes you use for outdoors,
  4. Regularly clean the carpet with your vacuum cleaner,
  5. Use carpet sprays and avoid carpet powders. Carpet powders tend to pull in dirt and dust making them stubborn and remove from the carpet,
  6. Check your pets’ activities and avoid their toil over the carpet as their muddy claws and bodies can ruin the show and elegance,
  7. Always try to go for a session of Carpet Steam Cleaning once every year.

Take the Help of Professionals

Carpets can be the breeding ground of germs.Kids like playing on them. The chances of getting sick becomes high if you have dirty carpets in your home. Although there are carpet cleaning methods you can follow at home, it is best to take the help of experts. There are many carpet cleaning companies. If you are never satisfied with average and want only the best company, then we have a solution for you. Ses Cleaning Services is a leading company dealing in carpet steam cleaning services. They have a team of highly proficient experts who have deep knowledge about cleaning procedures. Make your carpets new without causing any harm by taking their help.

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