Duct Cleaning Geelong

Need duct cleaning in Geelong? Hire professionals from SK Duct Cleaning Geelong for reliable and affordable duct cleaning solutions. We cover all aspects of duct cleaning requirements and promise you guaranteed cleaning services every time. To keep your ducts up and running on least possible energy consumption get in touch with our experts today!

  1. Local Ducted Heating Cleaning Company
  2. Air Duct Cleaning
  3. Dryer Vent Cleaning
  4. Duct Sanitisation using Tee Tree Oil
  5. Airborne contaminants Removal
  6. Qualified Duct Cleaners
  7. Guaranteed Customer Service
Duct Cleaning Geelong

Duct Cleaning Geelong

The airborne contaminants (dust, dirt, fungi, mould and germs) will be removed from your ducts. This will improve your indoor duct air quality and prevent symptoms like asthma and allergies

Our Duct Cleaning Services in Geelong

SK Duct Cleaning Geelong provide specialised in All Kinds of air duct heater cleaning, evaporative cooler cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, Heating & Cooling Cleaning, domestic & commercial duct system cleaning, duct sanitising & deodorising, clean duct air & no more bad smell guaranteed from your ducts

Here is a list of duct cleaning services we provide in Geelong:

  • Air conditioner duct cleaning
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Residential duct cleaning
  • Vents duct cleaning
  • AC duct cleaning
  • Coil Duct Cleaning
  • Kitchen filter banks rebuilds
  • Kitchen exhaust system cleaning.
  • Range hood duct cleaning
  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Heater unit servicing
  • Duct retain pipes repair & replacement
  • Duct unit Installation
  • HVAC ventilation system cleaning
  • HVAC duct Cleaning
  • Duct coil cleaning
  • Air conditioning coil cleaning

Why Professional Duct Cleaning is Important?

Air Duct Cleaning Geelong

Air Duct Cleaning Geelong

Do you know how important professional duct cleaning is? Here are some major reasons for getting your ducts regularly cleaned by professionals:

  1. Many diseases are caused by polluted poor indoor air quality.
  2. Better indoor quality needed for healthy life
  3. Poor air quality can cause serious health issues
  4. Central air duct systems that are not cleaned regularly can cause asthma
  5. Many serious allergies are caused due to unclean ducts.
  6. Intruded animals rodents, mice, birds, rats and their nests can cause big problems.
  7. The airborne contaminants (dust, dirt, fungi, mould and germs) build up inside the ducts

By getting your ducts professionally cleaned, less dust will get on to your furniture. Dirty furniture release bacteria and other germs in the air too.

So don’t be a victim of unclean ducted heating or cooling systems anymore. For all your ducted heating & evaporative cooler cleaning services anywhere in Geelong, call 0433 790 364.

SK Duct Cleaning New Winter Services Include:

  • Evaporative Duct Cooling Unit Service & Cleaning
  • Split System Cooling Unit Servicing & Cleaning
  • Cooling Unit Servicing & Cleaning

Benefits of Duct Cleaning Geelong

  • Savings on electricity bills.
  • Complete elimination of offensive odours.
  • Airborne Dust Particle Removal
  • Reduction in mould and fungi growth in the duct.
  • Improved indoor air duct quality.
  • 100% guarantee.
  • Protection from bacterial infections and other diseases.
  • Removal of allergens from duct air.
  • No risk of fire that may be caused by dust and debris blockages.
  • Removal of skin flakes and other fine particles from the duct.

Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

We at SK Cleaning Services offer the complete services offer top-notch services for Ducted Heating Cleaning in Geelong. Your ducts do a promising job of keeping the environment inside your place warm and cozy, adding a comfortable to your place during winters. But, to keep a healthy environment inside the home, you need to get the ducts cleaned by experts at least once a year. Having your ducts cleaned yearly ensures, you are breathing in a safe environment. Plus, it also eliminates the bad odours coming from the ducts.

Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

  • Safe environment
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • No breathing problems
  • Elimination of stale odours

Carbon Monoxide Testing Geelong

You may or may not know carbon monoxide is a poison gas that can harm your health to a severe extent. CO is produced when the fuel is left half burnt, and home appliances like gas stoves, barbeques, ovens, and heating systems. The production of this poisonous gas can lead to health issues like shortening of breath, depression, headaches, watery eyes and many other diseases in the home. And prevention of CO production in the home, it is important you keep your heating ducts cleaned. Also, you should hire expert duct cleaners for carbon monoxide testing, when you notice such symptoms in the home.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Dryer Duct Cleaning Geelong

Our duct cleaning Geelong services include dryer duct cleaning. Having your dryer ducts cleaned at regular time intervals, you may save your home from the risk of a house fire. With the regular use, lint gets accumulated insides that may catch fire. However, you may clean lint from your air duct registers you still need professionals for cleaning the ducts thoroughly from inside to eliminate the complete risk of a house fire.

    • Same day dryer duct cleaning
    • High-end services with quality tools
    • 10 years of experience in duct cleaning
    • Safe and healthy home

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Geelong

Again if you are in the search of the best duct cleaning company in Geelong for air conditioning duct cleaning, look no further. SK duct cleaners have got proper training and tools in the field that helps them deliver you the best results. Air conditioning duct cleaning is a major service that our technicians offer to help maintain the environment inside the home and keep potential pollutant from the home at bay. We use the best skills and advanced tools in the industry to make your ducts cleaned and sanitised.

Evaporative Duct Cleaning Geelong

Evaporative Ducting is one of the most comfortable things in summers. It is because of them you can bear the brewing weather. But, it is also important that you have evaporative ducts cleaned by the expert duct cleaners to escape the bad and stale odour. SK Cleaners can efficiently deliver the evaporative duct cleaning services at the unbeatable prices in Geelong, that too with a guarantee. Calls us today, and get your cooling system cleaning to perfection by experts.

Evaporative Duct Cleaning Geelong

Evaporative Duct Cleaning Geelong

  • Efficient cleaning of cooling systems
  • No extra charges for same day duct cleaning
  • Fresh atmosphere around the home
  • Guaranteed cleaning cooling of the system

Air Duct Cleaning Deals in Geelong

SK Cleaning Services offers a wide range of duct cleaning services in Geelong at the most promising prices. We believe in offering you complete value for money, thus deliver you quality services at the most affordable prices. Moreover, our customers can enjoy special offers time to time along with the festive discounts. If you are also in the search of a reputed duct cleaning company in Geelong where you can savour big deals on duct cleaning. Call now and get our affordable duct cleaning Geelong eastern suburbs and western suburbs.

Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaning Geelong

The team of our professional duct cleaners deliver remarkable services for HVAC cleaning. We have been serving in the niche for more a decade, and have always come up with brilliant results. We have been serving our client across all Geelong with complete satisfaction. Besides our experience and expertise, we make the use of high-quality equipment and eco-friendly yet effective cleaning solutions that help us provide you with the quality and satisfactory heating and cooling air duct cleaning services.

Duct Repair Geelong

Whether it’s the animal intrusion case or the insulating material inside the tunnel has damaged, we know how to handle it. Our technicians are well-versed in the niche and have been serving our clients for years. The team of our technicians will come to your place with all the tools required for repairing your ducts and start their procedure almost immediately after inspecting the issues in the duct.

  • Guaranteed Duct repairing
  • Thorough Inspection
  • Same day duct cleaning and repairing
  • Experienced team for duct cleaning and repairing
    Duct Repair Geelong

    Duct Repair Geelong

Animal Intrusion Solution

Blocked air flow by the contaminants or dead rodents main cause of electricity consumption. SK Duct Cleaning Geelong offers you affordable animal intrusion services to ensure your ducts function smoothly, without any fatal faults, and on low energy consumption.

  • Animal intrusion elimination services
  • Bad odour removal from ducts
  • Duct santisation and deodorisation

Affordable Duct Cleaning Prices

Along with offering the best services for duct cleaning Geelong, we are famous for another thing as well, which is affordable duct cleaning prices. SK Cleaning Services is a reputed duct cleaning services providers that only believe in offering complete value for money. Unlike other companies, we do not quote our prices without duct inspection. We only give our estimate after a complete investigation. So, call us today and get the best services for duct cleaning services.

Duct Cleaning Process

We first inspect the ducts and bring in advanced cleaning equipment for exceptional results. The ducts are vacuumed to remove solid particles.. We clean all duct parts including coils, air handling units, and fan hoses. We check for any faults and sanitize the ducts to make them absolutely hygienic.

  1. Duct System Pre Inspection
  2. Vacuum inside the duct pipes
  3. Powerful Vacuum connected to main truck line to collect airborne dust paritcles
  4. Heavy duct agitation to dislodge the debris and dust
  5. Clean all return registers and grills.
  6. Dead Rodent Removal if required
  7. Replace electrostatic duct air filter
  8. Blow Compressed air through the duct vents to remove any stick dirt particles
  9. Return Vent Cleaning
  10. Duct System Deodrisation
  11. Ductworks Sanitisation
Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

Air Duct Cleaning Cost Geelong

SK Duct Cleaning Geelong provide very affordable and pocket-friendly air duct cleaning in Geelong.

Air duct cleaning cost in Geelong is dependent on the number of factors. To get the correct estimate, just give us a call today! Our in-house duct cleaning engineers provide on-site estimations and quotes free of charge without any obligation. You can even consult our duct cleaning services on call.

Air Duct Cleaning Services Geelong

Air Duct Cleaning Services Geelong

Duct Deodorising and Duct Sanitisation Services in Geelong

SK Duct Cleaning provides duct deodorising and duct sanitisation services in Geelong. Our duct servicing team is fully accredited, trained and professional. Stay warm & breathe fresh air this winter by choosing Geelong’s number 1 ducted heating cleaning service provider.

  • High-quality Duct Cleaning Chemicals
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • High-end deodorising services
  • Tea Tree oil for duct deodorisation

We Clean All Kinds of Ducts

We clean all kinds of ducts including ceiling ducted heating systems and floor ducted heating system. Prepare your ducts for the up coming winters by getting them cleaned by professional experts of SK Duct Cleaning Geelong.

  1. Gas Ducted Heating Cleaning
  2. Central Duct System Cleaning
  3. Split System Cleaning
  4. Ductworks Cleaning
  5. Floor or Ceiling Ducted Heater Cleaning
Duct Cleaning Services Geelong

Duct Cleaning Services Geelong

Same Day Duct Cleaning Geelong

Want your ducts to be cleaned on the same day? No problem. Call SK Cleaning Geelong and we will do it the same day. Our duct cleaning technicians are available 24 hours and 7 days round the clock, even on weekends and public holidays.

  • Working on weekend
  • No off on public holidays
  • Working round the clock
  • No extra charges for same day duct cleaning

Duct Cleaning Cost for Heaters & Coolers in Geelong

Heating or cooling duct’s cleaning cost will depend on various factors. Floor ducts sometimes got a very narrow hole to go inside your home to clean. Additional duct add-on services may increase the price of duct cleaning. On an average, a professional duct cleaning service will cost somewhere around $27 per duct vent.

Call us today and get the quotes for duct cleaning and repairing services.

10 Years of Duct Cleaning Services in Geelong

SK Cleaning Services Geelong Pty Ltd began duct cleaning services in Geelong in 2005. We are grateful to our valuable customers for choosing us. We always try to please our customers by delivering exceptional duct cleaning across Geelong.

Need your home ducts professionally cleaned by the licensed duct cleaning professional? Call us to get a free quote!


They did not forced sale on me

The effectiveness of their services is the element that won't allow you to switch to any other service provider. Thank you for such amazing services. Would recommend it to my friends too.
- Latti

Never knew duct Cleaninging was this good

We had SK Cleaning Services Cleaning the duct and we had a very good experience with the people and engineers who came to fix it. The experts gave us a compete info on the issue and the fix needed. They did it in such a professional way
- Jake Sophie

Top-class job for repairing ducts

SK Cleaning Services is providing an exceptional customer services which will definitely satisfy you. I am among the happiest customer who would recommend them for enjoying fabulous experience for repairing duct.
- Dinnie

”Superb Work”

In my opinion, SK Cleaning Services provides quality duct cleaning services. They provide their services to all the suburbs of Melbourne. I have been trying different duct cleaning companies in Melbourne but none stood on my expectations as SK Cleaning Services did. They did a superb job with my ducts. The team has proper knowledge about duct cleaning. They used a very effective method to clean ducts and charged a very nominal price. I am really happy with their service and would like to thanks the whole team of SK Cleaning Services. I think everyone should just try their duct cleaning services and experience the best service.
- Jison

"Affordable Financial Duct Cleaning Services"

I would love to suggest Sk Cleaning Services to everyone who is searching for affordable financial duct cleaning services everywhere in Melbourne. I have been utilising their services for a while now and I am very pleased. Thank You
- Hunter

”Safe Solution”

Sk Cleaning Services is a superb, local duct cleaning company. I have been using their service for many years now and always received a great duct cleaning service. They’re always ready to respond to your calls and the team is very thorough, helpful, and friendly. Their team of professionals uses a safe solution to clean the duct. They follow a very effective and best methods to clean the ducts. All my duct cleaning work is handled by the team of Sk Cleaning Services. I am very pleased with their service. Thank you Sk Cleaning Services for always providing best and safe duct cleaning solution.
- Steve Irwin

"They are Great"

I have used the duct cleaning services from Sk Cleaning Services They are really appreciated for their work. I would like to suggest other customers that they also should use duct cleaning services from this company.
- Emma Anderson

”Experienced And Trained Duct Cleaners”

SK Cleaning Services is one of the most experienced and trained duct cleaners in Melbourne. I have used their services four times in the last two years and have felt completely satisfied. I always choose them whenever I need to clean my ducts as proper duct cleaning and timely repairs lead to an extended life for the ducts. The professional team of SK Cleaning Services are into this industry for many years. They have been providing me with great service from many years and the team is very friendly and polite too. I suggest everyone SK Cleaning Services. Choose the duct cleaners of SK Cleaning Services and get amazing duct cleaning service. Thanks a lot.
- Samuel

”Excellent Duct Cleaners”

SK Cleaning Services is the number one duct cleaning service provider in Melbourne. The team found a dead rat in my duct and the smell was spread in each and every corner of the duct. They used some good solution and cleaned the duct completely. I am happy that I decided to take the professional help. These guys really stood up to their companies name. They cleaned my ducts thoroughly and sanitized it properly. Thank you so much team for your best help. I would like to you your services in the future too.
- James

Best Company for Duct Cleaning

If you are looking for the best duct cleaning and repairing company in the Melbourne, then consider hiring the experts from SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne. They are indeed the best services providers offering fantastic duct cleaning services. Their professionals cleaned my HVAC system to the perfection and offered value for money.
- Noah

Excellent Duct Cleaning Services

I got to know SK Duct Cleaners from one of my friends, who had a nice experience with them. I decided to call them for my duct cleaning services as well. Their technicians arrived on time and started the cleaning procedure after the complete inspection. The procedure was carried out with perfection. I received excellent services for duct cleaning.
- Michael

Thumbs Up for SK Cleaning services

Sk Duct Cleaning is an expert in maintaining and fixing the duct issues. We are one of the regular and loyal customers of the company. This is one of the best duct cleaning and maintaining service providers in Melbourne.
- Toby

Number One Duct Cleaning Service

Often our cooling and heating system block the airflow to the duct which cause the premature machine breakdown. So a proper professional service for the best duct cleaning for our heating and cooling system is quite required. The dust and debris also damage the evaporator coil and the blower. I got my furnace service done from Sk cleaning. They are really good. I would definitely like to recommend you to all my friends.
- Sienna

Excellent duct cleaning service

SK cleaning services provides excellent duct cleaning service. I had to call them to repair my duct and to remove dead rodent. The team came and repaired my duct and even removed the odor. I always recommend sk cleaning services to my freinds and family as they give best cleaning services.
- Larry

Economical Duct Installation Services

Thank you for delivering economical duct installation services. We had shifted our office to a new place and wanted duct installation of 4 ducts in our new office. We called SK Cleaning Services and they did the whole thing in one single day. Lovely customer service.
- James Chung

Ducted Heating Ducts Cleaning

Our home ducted heating has a outlet in the Bathroom, and due to some unknown reasons there was some smell coming occasionally. Initially we thought its a plumbing issue, but then it started coming from other duct as well in the living area. I did some googling and found skcleaningservices had experience in ducted heating ducts cleaning area. Booked an appointment with them and person came on time and did the cleaning after evaluating the problem. Since that cleaning the nasty smell is gone from bathroom. We really appreciates the advise and service given by skcleaningservices in a reasonable price for solving the issue. Regards ST
- Syed Tahir

loved the duct repair work!

I have been using this company for years. SK cleaning services honest and reliable. Always polite, always on time and they will tell me, and show me, what needs to be done and what does not need to be done. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.
- Ivan

Incredible work

I got 3 quotes and these guys were the cheapest by far. They replaced all of the ducts under our house, and did so in one day. They were prompt, friendly and fully explained everything to us. . Highly recommend them.
- Ethan

Remarkable Power Bill Reduction with Duct Cleaning

I have been using ducts for a very long time in Melbourne but I never knew I could save on power bills by using duct cleaning services. It became evident when we called SK Cleaning Services Melbourne and they delivered a mind blowing duct cleaning service. The power bills have reduced dramatically and the duct airflow has increased remarkably.
- Blake

multiple services offered

Mark arranged one of his operators to come to my place I was amazed at all the services he provided a one stop shop so to speak for duct carpet and couch cleaning. The operator John was friendly and nothiing was to much trouble. What a fantastic service being able to get 3 services from the one company saved time and money. Well Done!!!!!!!
- florence

Saved on Electricity Bills after duct cleaning

We are leaving this reviewing after looking at our electricity bill today. SK Duct cleaning services ensures before doing duct cleaning that we will save on electricity. They are 100% right, we did save over 50% on our electricity bill.
- Pete

Excellent Duct Cleaning Service

Excellent Duct Cleaning Service in Melbourne. These guys are professional when it comes to ducted heating cleaning. We can feel now fresh duct air everywhere in our home.
- Mourice

Professional Carpet Cleaning

SK Cleaning Cleaning Services, we received utmost high quality carpet steam cleaning service. Very very professional carpet cleaner. We would love to hire them in future and will love to recommend them for carpet cleaning services.
- Sam

Reliable Duct Cleaners in Melbourne

SK Duct cleaners are the best in town. They are professional & reliable. We book them for ducted heating cleaning service every year. They come on time and they performed central duct cleaning at affordable price.
- Victoria

Efficient Evaporative Cooling Cleaning

You get to know about the efficiency of a service provider only when you need the service on a short notice. And I can vouch for SK Cleaning Services Melbourne as it has proven to be a genuine, professional, and experienced duct cleaning provider. Recently I had some problem with my evaporative cooler and it was so hot that I got scared if it would take more than a day to get it back to work. But thanks to the efficient cleaners of SK Cleaning Services, the evaporative cooler was working again in 3 hour’s time. All it needed was a thorough cleaning. Thank you guys for a quick and efficient job.
- Matt Sind

had awesome experience

the guys did cleaning looks experienced as they did cleaning without any noise and my carpet now looks like brand new.
- vish

Complete Duct Cleaning & Repair Service

We are extremely happy with SK cleaning services for their professional cleaning and servicing skills. SK technical are very punctual, visited us for the duct repair on time and after Air Conditioning duct cleaning and repair they clean up all the servicing areas. Must recommend company. Thanks, Jagdev
- Jagdev

Comprehensive Duct Cleaning

This company is the best company in the entire Melbourne when comes to duct to cleaning. Our duct heater are working perfectly fine after the cleaning. No blockage in the air. Lot more effective now. Definitely recommend by us. Regards, Tim.
- Tim

Heater Unit Servicing

I called them to get my heater-unit servicing done and as I have used their other cleaning services I was sure to get an excellent result. As always they were punctual, great with the job, polite with me, and excellent in giving the outcomes. Thanks for a great job.
- Jerri Adams

Great job!

After failing to receive a reply from several other duct cleaning and repair companies, I called SK cleaning, and was immediately connected to Mark, who booked an appointment to visit my home the very next day.Mark and his plumber arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, quoted a fair price, and completed the job quickly and efficiently. I'll be recommending SK to all my friends and family. Thank you Mark and co.
- Simon Friedman

Duct Cleaning has to be done by SK Cleaning!

No one does it better than SK Cleaning and I can say that with utter confidence because I have used his services personally thrice in the last two years. SK Cleaning is an experienced and professional company. The whole team is highly efficient, knowledgeable, and skilled in their fields. I have always has a pleasant experience with them.
- Adam Jones

Central Duct Cleaning - Professional work

We are very pleased with SK Duct Cleaning; they are very professional at ducted heating cleaning and repair. We called them on Saturday and duct cleaner turned up on the next day (Sunday), he done very high quality work. He and his mate cleaned the duct, repaired the leaked duct pipe and sanitise and deodorised the ducts and clean the duct return vent as well. After duct repair and cleaning, duct air flow increased by 3 times. We are very happy with their cleaning skills. 100% recommended
- Gary

Flawless Duct Repair

Our carpets were spoiled after a party that we organized a few days back. We had approached two other carpets cleaners for no use. We were disappointed and clueless when someone suggested trying SK Cleaning. We did and we are glad we did. Our carpets have been restored flawlessly and along with that we were offered a discounted price for carpet cleaning. Great job done and that too at a very reasonable price.
- Richard

Ducted Heating Unit Repair Melbourne

We live in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and After reading the positive reviews, we asked SK Cleaning Services to do a job for us without getting a quote, and were extremely happy when we were charged affordable price for the ducted unit repair service. Excellent Service !!! Really Happy - Always call SK for ducted heating unit servicing & repair
- Mark

Great Service.

Mark arranged for Sam and his colleague to visit my mother's house promptly. They arrived ahead of time, which was appreciated. They cleaned and sanitised her heating ducts and filters with a friendly, thorough and clean service. Will always recommend them.
- Richard Dimech

Expert Ducted Heating and Cooling Maintenance!

SK Cleaning is one of its kind service providers for ducted heating and cooling maintenance in Melbourne. We have been associated with them for the last 6 years and we call them every year for our ducts’ maintenance. They are so affordable, quick, and professional in the task that we do not have to look for any other service provider. Thanks!
- Jake

Total Duct Cleaning

SK Cleaning offers a total duct cleaning service. When the cleaners arrived at my home, they took out almost every part of the ducted heating system and cleaned it thoroughly. I was surprised to notice the increase in airflow once they were finished. I am totally happy with your cleaners.
- Madison

Best Ducted Heating Cleaning Service in Melbourne

'Wow' is all we can say. Mark really turned our property around after we commissioned him for ducted heating cleaning services. We brought our house 5 years ago and since then we are calling duct cleaner every year. All past cleaners did average job. However with SK Cleaning services we are 100% satisfied.
- Jim

Satisfactory Services at Affordable Price

I am completely satisfied with the cleaning services provided by SK Cleaning. They cleaned my air conditioning duct system and now it works fine. I will surely call them again whenever I come across any cleaning requirement.
- Joan

Very Happy With SK Duct Cleaning Company

We are Very Happy With SK Duct Cleaning Company. They done very professional duct heating & cooling cleaning. Very polite duct cleaner we ever met. We found them on Google and would like to recommend this company to everyone in Melbourne. We will definitely call SK Cleaning Services next for our ducted heating cleaning. Thanks, Matt
- Matt

Amazing Duct Cleaning Customer Service

SK Duct Cleaning should be rewarded with an award of mind blowing duct cleaning customer service. I have never been treated so well as a customer ever. They have taken customer service to a new level and I hope they continue with it. Keep up the Great Work!
- Thomas

Yes to sk duct cleaning

We are very pleased with SK Duct cleaning servies, they are very professional and polite. excellent customer service Best in the the town in central duct heating cleaning
- Gavin

Committed Cleaners!

These guys are fully professional and it is reflected in their performance. They came fifteen minutes earlier than the scheduled time and it took more than it should have taken but I didn’t see them frown for that. All they cared was to get their job done with high precision and time could not bind them from achieving perfection. Thanks a lot!
- Barbara

Best Duct Cleaning Service in Melbourne

We are extremely happy with SK Cleaning Company. They are very professional and excellent in duct cleaning. We get done our ducted heating cleaned this winter, best quality duct cleaning service ever we received in Melbourne
- Dan

Air conditioning duct cleaning melbourne

We would like to thank Mark from SK Cleaning Services Melbourne for his superb air conditioning duct cleaning skills. This company specialised in duct cooling cleaning & repair, on Saturday a bird stuck in our air conditioning duct unit. Mark on the next day no extra charges to work over the weekend. Fantastic work, they removed the dead bird from our duct on the same day. Repaired our cooling duct system. No more smell. Thanks to SK duct cleaning services
- Sam

Central Ducted Heating Cleaning - Superb

Much appreciated their duct cleaning skills. Very professional and efficient in cleaning air duct cleaning. Our cooling ac vent duct cleaning was done couple of years ago and recently bad odor smell was coming out of the central duct. We noticed that our duct probably required cleaning. We called SK duct cleaning and they come on the same day (Sunday). Duct cleaner found a dead rodent stuck in the duct pipes, they replaced couple of pipes and duct working as normal without any smell and lot more air flow now. Really happy and much appreciated SK Cleaning Services for professional duct cleaning service.
- Kevin

Duct Cleaning Specialists!

SK Cleaning team is definitely the duct cleaning specialists in the town. We have used their services thrice in the last two years. They have always provided the best of cleaners and everything is done in such a smooth way that we don’t hesitate to call them every season. Now our ducted heating systems work fine and we do not face any trouble during peak seasons.
- Bianca

Safer Ducts!

Thanks to professional duct cleaning services by SK Cleaning, we have safer ducts at home now. There was some fault in our ducts and the duct was examined of carbon monoxide leakage. But these guys did a marvelous job and fixed our ducts without any trouble. We are thankful for all the help.
- Linda

Experts of Duct Cleaning

Thank you SK carpet cleaning for providing an affordable duct cleaning for my commercial premises. Carpet cleaning was always a time consuming and highly expensive affair considering the size of my property where some 50-60 carpets are there. But thanks to SK Cleaning who arranged everything in such a quick way that at first I was in doubt. Now, I can vouch for their carpet cleaning services!
- Catherine

Excellent Service - Air Duct Cleaning

We are 100% pleased by SK Cleaning Services. We had bad odor / smell coming through our Air Ducted System. SK Cleaning removed 3 dead mouses from our ducts. Now we can take fresh breathe 🙂 I will highly recommend SK Duct Cleaning Service. They are based in Melbourne. Thanks, Peter
- Peter

World Class Customer Service

We never knew someone could provide such a world class customer service at such an economical price. When we first availed the duct cleaning services from SK Cleaners, we were a little suspicious but all our doubts went into the drain when we first called them for our residential ducts. These guys are the experts of duct cleaning and they know their job inside out. Way to go SK CLEANERS!
- Victoria

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

100% happy with SK Duct Cleaning Services. Amazing guys and excellent in ducted heating & cooling cleaning and repair. We are very pleased with their services.
- Michelle

Excellent Air Duct Cleaning

Very polite and upfront individual who loves his work. Very dedicated and honest also very friendly . It was a pleasure to have him and he did a good a job. Quite quick too, will always call him back again.
- Gavin

Thankful to SK Cleaning!

We are extremely thankful to SK Cleaning Services Melbourne who provided us with world class duct cleaning services. We have been using their services for last 4 years and have always been impressed by their advanced technology, environment friendly products, quick service, and courteous cleaners. They are the best cleaners in Melbourne. We have suggested their services to all our friends and family!
- Whitman

Best Profesional Cleaner in Melbourne

We called within year 2014 over 5 times for various cleaning needs. Their every cleaner is very professional. Duct cleaner arrived on time and heating duct cleaning service was excellent. Similar a month later we hired SK Cleaning services for couch cleaning. Mark the best couch cleaner we ever met, very polite, honest and professional. Finished upholstery cleaning task within 40 mins. Later after few months we booked them for carpet cleaning, excellent results 🙂
- Jasmine

Duct Cooling & Heating Cleaning - We hired them for ongoing duct cleaning work!!

We are looking after 50 rental properties Melbourne wide and finally we found them on Google. Excellent company and certified cleaners. No complaint from our tenant ever. We tried many other duct cleaning companies but very hard to dealt with. This company we hired last year for emergency duct cleaning at one of the property in Port Melbourne. Our tenants was so happy with professional AC Cooling duct cleaning and they starting asking for the same duct cleaner. We end up hiring this company for next 5 years for duct cleaning services for all of our properties. Thanks & Regards, Michele.
- Michele

Amazing Ducted Heating Cleaning Service

We are 100% satisfied with Ducted Heating Cleaning Service done by SK Cleaning Services on Sunday. After duct cleaning air flow has significantly improved and bad air duct smell has gone. Also as per advised from the duct cleaner, duct cleaning will also helps in minimising the elecricity bill as we don't have to turn our AC Duct on full. We would like to rate this company as 5 star in duct heating and cooling repair and cleaning. Thanks, George.
- George

Location: Geelong, VIC, Australia

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