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Disinfect Your Dual Ducts Heating & Cooling Today With Our Antiviral Sanitisation & Kill 99.99% Bacteria

#1 Floor & Ceiling Residential Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne’s Specialists ✓ 

SK Cleaning offers the best Duct Cleaning Melbourne services with providing #1 specialists at your doorstep.  Indoor air cleaning is important to keep your family members safe. It is proven by research and study that indoor air can be 10 times more polluted as compared to the outside air. The free passage of air is limited in conditioned places, so to get adequate fresh air, it is important that the duct should be cleaned after a fixed interval. 

Poor quality air inside your residential and commercial place generates health-related issues. Every year vast amount of dust gets collected inside the duct and results in dust and allergy in inside air. The dust pollutants get circulated all over your place. To get rid of these all problems, you must invest in a professional duct cleaner that provides the best duct cleaning services in Melbourne. 

SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne is the reliable and professional duct cleaner that deals with all sorts of the duct. We provide all duct cleaning services at a reasonable price. You can avail of our services any time and anywhere. We offer same-day duct cleaning services all over Melbourne. Book us today to get the best air quality inside your home and working place.  

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    Key Features Of SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Affordable Prices
    We provide all the duct cleaning services at an affordable cost. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne deals with all types of duct, either it is commercial, residential, heating or cooling duct. We give effective cleaning results on all ducts.
    We Value Our Words
    SK Duct Cleaning not only says, but it also completes its word by performing well. We ensure that our customer has complete satisfaction, and if they have any queries, then they must be solved quickly.
    Eco-Safe Duct Cleaning
    We make use of eco-friendly chemicals to clean the duct so that our cleaning process does not disturb the natural balance of the environment. We take the utmost care of your kids and pets while delivering our services. 
    Same Day Service
    SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides same day duct cleaning services. Our duct cleaners reach your doorstep instantly after booking. We serve all the suburbs of Melbourne and includes emergency duct cleaning services. 
    Latest Tools
    For cleaning the ducts, our professionals use the latest modern techniques and tools. The use of modern devices increases the efficiency of work, and cleaning of the duct gets completed at the specified time. 
    Skilled Technicians
    SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne has certified and skilled technicians that have the proper knowledge to deal with all types of the duct. We provide complete training to our duct cleaners. 

    Duct Cleaning Services
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    affordable price

    Affordable Price

    right solution

    Right Solution

    skilled technician

    Skilled Technician

    on time service

    On Time Service

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    SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne – Steps of Air Duct Cleaning


    Duct Cleaning preparation

    Step 1: Preparation

    The experts of SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne properly inspect the whole duct before applying any treatment. A complete inspection of the duct gives the exact idea of what type of treatment is required and ensures that there is no damage. We prepare a customized plan for cleaning the different types of ducts.


    duct cleaning

    Step 2: Cleaning

    After inspecting the whole duct, our professional cleaners clean the duct with the help of modern tools and techniques for effective cleaning. Our professional duct cleaners give the best result on the first visit. We take care of your kids and pets while delivering our duct cleaning service.


    Duct finishing

    Step 3: Finishing

    The finishing of duct cleaning is done most professionally by our duct cleaners. We provide deodorization and sanitization to the duct after thoroughly cleaning. There will be no bad odour or smell from that section. You will enjoy our best duct cleaning service. 

    Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning

    The air ducts inside residential and commercial places play an important role. They should be cleaned after a fixed period of time. SK Duct Cleaning provides the best duct cleaning services. Some of the advantages that you will notice by cleaning your duct are: 

    • Creates a Cleaner Living Environment: Proper cleaning of the duct gives you a clean environment for living. A dirty duct circulates the dust particles to your living area, floors, furniture, etc. To have a hygienic place, it is necessary that your ducts are clean. 
    • Reduces allergies and Irritants: The dirty air duct has harmful microorganisms and dust particles that are harming your health. A cleaned duct reduces allergic symptoms and makes your life free from irritants. 
    • Provides Easy Breathing Surrounding: Even though no one in your home is suffering from a respiratory problem, it is advised that you should appoint a professional duct cleaner for cleaning the duct. A clean duct provides better breathing surrounding. 
    • Removes undesired odour and smell: Air duct gets accumulated by several types of smells like household cleaning agents, paint fumes, mould, tobacco use, including food preparation. Deep cleaning of the duct ensures that all odour and trapping particles are cleaned effectively.
    • Improves the efficiency of airflow: The duct that is full of dust particles acts as an obstacle to fresh air circulation. It will restrict the proper flow of air from the air conditioner. Cleaning will increase the efficiency and life span of the duct.
    Benefits of Melbourne Duct Cleaning

    residential duct cleaning

    Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Air ducts play an important role. To let not your AC duct become the home of small microbes and organisms, call the professional duct cleaner. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne is a specialist in residential air conditioning duct cleaning. We are a leading company that provides the best residential and commercial duct cleaning services. Our cleaners will check every part of your AC system and clean them perfectly. 


    Services that SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne Perform in Stunning Way

    • Carbon Monoxide Testing

      Everybody knows that carbon monoxide is harmful gas for human being’s health. This gas is produced when something is left half burnt. Some of the home appliances like barbeque, oven, gas stoves create gas that come inside the duct, and if the duct is not cleaned after a fixed interval, then this gas will get spread inside your living area, affecting the health of the family members. Call us today to be safe from this poisonous gas. 

    • Ducted Gas Heating System Cleaning

      Our professionals look inside your Ducted Gas Heating System to removes all the hidden dust materials to improve its efficiency. SK Duct Cleaning provides complete training to its professionals for effective Ducted Gas Heating System cleaning. We use the latest techniques and tools to remove the dust from the duct. 

    • Evaporative Duct System Cleaning

      Evaporative cooling unit provides excellent relief in chilly summer. The ducts in this system may get dust, pollen, dirt, and grime over some time. As a result, the pad of such devices get blocked, then no proper ventilation and trouble in the pump appear. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides effective evaporative duct system cleaning.

    • Ducted Heating System Cleaning

      The heating duct circulates warm air throughout the house. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne is here that provides the best-ducted heating cleaning services. During the winter season, you and your family members prefer to live inside the home, so it is very important to get your heating duct cleaned before the arrival of winter. A cleaned duct consumes less energy to be operational. Hire our expert technicians today to get your heating duct appropriately cleaned. 

    • Duct Repair Service

      SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne offers a repair service for the duct at a reasonable price. Our technicians know that how exactly the duct should be repaired. We make a complete inspection of the duct before starting any treatment for improvement. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides same day duct repair and cleaning service. We have the latest tools and techniques for the repair of the broken or damaged duct. Call us today and get a free quote overcall. 

    • Animal Intrusion Solution

      The dead animal inside the duct is one of the common reasons that block the airflow of the duct and increases electricity consumption. SK Duct Cleaning provides affordable and budgets friendly animal intrusion solutions so that your ductworks smoothly and properly.

    • Coil Cleaning Service

      If coils get filled with dust and dirt, then it affects the work efficiency of the device and consumes a lot of energy. The air quality also gets affected by the dusty coil. Hire SK Duct Cleaning today to get coil free from dust and dirt particles so that you will breathe in fresh and pure air. We provide the best coil cleaning service all over Melbourne. 

    • Duct Deodorising and Duct Sanitisation Services 

      SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne sanitizes and deodorizes the air duct by using the special antimicrobial treatment that keeps your duct free from bad odour and bacteria. This process keeps your duct fresh smelling and clean as much as possible. The primary source of your ventilation should be cleaned and appropriately deodorized ducts. Contact us today to have the best duct deodorization and sanitization services.

    SK Duct Cleaners

    SK Duct Cleaning – Summer Service 

    Summer brings different types of respiratory diseases, and dusty ducts can make that situation worse. For keeping the home and business place cool, AC ducts work continuously. So before the arrival of the summer season, you should hire a professional to get your cooling duct cleaned properly. Some of the special summer services that we are offering are:

    • Evaporative Duct Cooling Unit Service & Cleaning
    • Split System Cooling Unit Servicing & Cleaning 
    • Cooling Unit Servicing & Cleaning

    Factors to be Considered before Hiring Melbourne’s Professional Duct Cleaners

    If you are planning to get your duct cleaned in Melbourne or nearby suburbs by a professional duct cleaning company in the most effective way, then here are some factors you should consider before hiring duct cleaners:

    SK Cleaning Experience

    Look at the Experience

    Before hiring a professional duct cleaner, always look at the experience that they are having in dealing with the duct. An experienced duct cleaner does his job perfectly.

    SK Cleaning Offers Guarantee

    Check Reputation

    You should check the reputation of the company before considering them as your duct cleaner. You can ask your family and friends for the best duct cleaner in Melbourne.

    eco friendly chemical

    Eco-Safe Chemicals

    The professional duct cleaner you hire should use eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning the duct. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides eco-friendly duct cleaning services.

    best cost

    Cost of The Service

    Check out our cost section that what we are charging for our service. Also, we ensure that there is no hidden charge by our duct cleaning service provider.

    quote over call

    Quote Price over Call

    A well established and professional duct cleaning company provides a free quote over call. Call SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne to have a free quote for all of your duct related services.

    safe for pets & kids

    Safe for Pets & kids

    SK Duct Cleaning uses chemicals and tools considering the safety of the kids and pets. Our professional duct cleaners’ takes utmost care while delivering their service.

    Special Equipment

    Latest Tool

    A good duct cleaning company uses the latest and up to date tools and equipment for cleaning the duct. These tools increase the work efficiency and complete the task in a limited period of time.

    on time available

    On Time Availability

    Before hiring the duct cleaners, check out their working hours & days. It might be the case that you need instant service. We deliver instant service for duct cleaning and repair.

    Signs that Your Air Duct Require Cleaning

    1. Dust Particles

      On starting your HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) duct, if you get some dust particles, then it the indication that your duct requires proper cleaning. There will be more dust inside the duct. Generally, no duct, puff out dust particles while starting. If the amount of the dust particle is high, then you will also notice the visible dust particles on the surface of the duct. 

    2. Odour

      One of the common signs that your duct requires cleaning service is odour. When something smells bad in your home, and you find nothing, then check out your duct. The duct filled with different types of smells for an extended period starts producing a bad smell. To get rid of that smell, call the duct technician that will clean that duct.

    3. Mould or mildew

      Sometimes you will notice black, grey, and brown mould at the air registers of your duct; if this issue appears, then it the case of enormous problems that require immediate cleaning action. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides the best duct cleaning services at an affordable price.

    4. Visible debris

      To check out the condition of the duct, you can take out the air register and will see the dust, pet dander, and other debris that are built inside the duct. SK Duct Cleaning provides sanitization, vacuuming, and deodorizing process on that duct to make it dust-free. 

    5. Clogged air filter

      When dust particles start clogging the duct, then you can notice it by filthy disposable or reusable air filters that are present inside your HVAC or furnace system. The early detection of this issue resolves the problem easily, but its ignorance may cause serious damage. 

    6. Dirty A/C coil and interior parts

      If the coil or other internal parts start getting packed with dust, debris, and other detritus material, then it is an indication that dust particles have started disturbing the inner section of the duct, and it results in vast damage to the peripheral system. SK Duct Cleaning thoroughly clean out the duct to increase its lifespan. 

    7. Uneven airflow

      When you notice that some of your air registers perform their task with full pressure, whereas some of them do not have full pressure or strength to flow the air, then it is time for duct cleaning. The dust materials start making blockage inside the duct, thus result in poor work performance. 

    8. No record of prior air duct cleaning

      The cleaning of the duct has only come into existence in modern times. Nowadays, the public is getting knowledge about duct cleaning. If you are living in an older home and do not have any previous record of duct cleaning, then it is the probability that there had been no duct cleaning. Call SK Duct Cleaning to have the best duct cleaning service. 

    9. Your home or workplace gets dusty

      If you notice a thick layer of dust over the surface, then it an indication that a good amount of dust is accumulated inside the duct, and it requires complete cleaning. The dust will come out after every working cycle of the duct. SK Duct Cleaning uses the best techniques and tools to clear out the dust from the duct. 

    10. Your health is poorer than normal

      If your duct requires cleaning and is full of dust particles, then it will show specific effects on your health too. Sneezing, coughing, wheezing, feeling fatigued, and other respiratory disease gets triggered. These all symptoms shows that dust particle is present inside the duct. 

    How Much Melbourne’s Duct Cleaning Cost in 2020

    The general cost of duct cleaning in Melbourne lies between $350 to $500. This price depends on several factors. Terms and conditions are applied over the cost of the duct cleaning. The number of ducts, their size, and configuration of duct contributes to the calculation of the duct cleaning cost. Book SK Duct Cleaner specialist team to get affordable service in Melbourne. Our quality Duct cleaning services very reasonable.

    Same Day Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides the best services when it comes to duct cleaning services. We offer same-day quality, affordable & eco-friendly duct cleaning throughout Melbourne. We have professional duct cleaners that deliver service at an affordable price range even during an emergency. Look no other than our Services for duct cleaning in Melbourne. We provide all emergency duct cleaning services at residential and commercial places. You can hire our duct cleaners today. 

    Our Duct Cleaner team Serve all Suburbs of Melbourne

    Melbourne is in the southeastern part of mainland Australia, within the state of Victoria. SK Duct Cleaner offers the best, effective & safe duct cleaning service in Melbourne. Our all duct cleaning services are affordable, reliable & excellent. Call us anytime for booking our duct cleaning service. If you want fresh air then hire our cleaner team to clean your duct. We serve in all the corners of Melbourne for professional duct cleaning services. Some Suburbs of Melbourne where we provide the services are mentioned below :

    Services offered by SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne



    hvac duct cleaning Melbourne


    exhaust system cleaning


    duct repair Melbourne


    filter bank repair


    duct installation Melbourne


    duct coil cleaning Melbourne


    ac coil cleaning


    Top 10 Reasons To Choose SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    SK Duct Cleaner is the #1 Duct cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Book us for dust-free indoor air. Before hiring us you can check below some points which will help you in making the best decision.

    1. Same day duct cleaning service.
    2. All duct related services at an affordable price.
    3. Our technicians have license and certificate for duct cleaning jobs.
    4. We use modern tool and equipment in cleaning the duct.
    5. We have experience of many years.
    6. Instant and emergency duct cleaning services.
    7. Free quote over the phone without any hidden charge.
    8. 24×7 duct cleaning service.
    9. Proper duct cleaning.
    Why Choose SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Call us on 0488851078 to book duct cleaning professionals today! This winter, breathe fresh air by cleaning your Central Ducted Heating System.

    Frequently Asked Question on Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    What are ducts?

    The duct is the passage that is used in heating, cooling, and other HVAC devices to flow, deliver, and remove the air. Since these ducts are mostly located outside, and they get in contact with dust and dirt, so their proper cleaning becomes a need.

    Which is the best time to clean the ducts?

    One of the general answers to this question is, “it depends upon the situation.” we say that if you wish to use the duct during summer, then get it clean before starting the season likewise the same with the winter duct.

    Is the duct cleaning process is messy?

    Cleaning duct by ownself may be a little messy. So to have efficient and trouble-free duct cleaning call SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne. We provide the best duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

    Can I clean the duct by myself?

    The cleaning duct is not a DIY task. In case if you start cleaning the duct, then it is most possible that you do not have a proper tool, brushes, techniques for effective cleaning. It is better to call the professional for cleaning the duct.

    How long time does duct cleaning take?

    The average time we require in the duct cleaning is in between 2 to 4 hours. The home with older duct cleaning history takes a little more time. We work in a systematic manner to reduce the timing of the duct cleaning process for all customers.

    Can dirty duct make me sick?

    Yes, the presence of dust and other pests inside the duct generates a bad effect on your health. It may start asthma and other respiratory diseases. You have to be very careful about your ducts.

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