Facts About Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning is an easy task, it can be completed by anyone. Just follow some simple measure and you can clean your curtains using simple methods. Here in this article, we have simplified the ways to clean curtains and tips. If you have a nice and fresh curtain, your house will look clean and hygienic. There are several ways to clean a curtain, you can either dry clean it at home or hire a professional to clean the curtain. Ses Cleaning Services provide the best curtain cleaning experience and they’re one of the best professional curtain cleaners, we have a huge set up for curtain cleaning. Each curtain fabric is different, we use chemicals as require and we also have access to certain curtain cleaning chemicals, which are safe on curtains.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Recognize material.

Check if your curtains are safe for machine wash and there is no risk. If your curtain is made of some unique fabric, then avoid machine wash. It could damage the fabric, cause discolouration or shrinkage.

Avoiding discolouration.

Detergents or household cleaners do not always cause discolouration in the fabric, keeping the curtain in bright sunlight can also cause discolouration in the curtain fabric. So, do not expose the curtain in sunlight for too long or you end up with a faded curtain.

Check the washing Instruction.

Washing instruction is a necessary step before washing the curtain, it’s labelled somewhere on a curtain. Each curtain fabric is required to be cleaned in a different way, which is why you should check the instruction properly before washing to avoid any damage.

Dry Cleaning

Curtain dry cleaning is the best way to clean curtain fabrics, dry cleaning removes all the dirt and grime and adds up a shine on the curtain. Curtain dry cleaning also sanitize the curtain and avoid the future risk of mould and bacteria.

Curtain Drying Cleaning Service

Curtain Drying Cleaning Service

Give special attention to the lined curtains.

Lined curtains are fragile in terms of normal curtains, they should be cleaned frequently. Also, avoid machine wash to clean-lined curtains, machine washing can damage the fabric. Always dry clean, the lined curtains, to keep it clean and shining.

Regularly cleaning the curtains is the best option to keep curtains clean and sanitize. Most people neglect cleaning curtains and clean it once or twice every year. The curtain should be vacuum cleaned daily or hand washing with a mild detergent would also work but following washing instruction is essential. By maintaining curtain you minimize the risk of germs and bacteria infestation on the curtain. Keep it clean and keep your home environment healthy and disease free.