How to Clean a Leather Couch?

How to Clean a Leather Couch?

How to Clean a Leather Couch?

Leather furniture is the best investment and adds an extra touch of elegance in your house. While leather is very durable, it’s not immune from wear, if wear happens it becomes noticeable, Thus, cleaning and maintenance of a leather couch are very important. Before going for any commercial cleaning products you should know that not all cleaning solvents are safe on the leather fabric. It can break down the leather finishes which results in dryness and cracking.

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Cleaning tips for leather couch cleaning.

Through time, secretion of body oils, perspiration, skin acids and daily wear and tear damages the appearance of your leather couch resulting in dark spots and stains. Remember, before using any cleaning agents, do a spot test. Because bluntly using cleaners may damage the leather fabric.

Before cleaning give attention to the type of fabric.

If your couch has some label or an attached sticker, look for the fabric type mentioned on it. If the tag says “W” it means the fabric should be cleaned by a cleaner made with water. If the tag says “S” or “P” it means, the fabric should be dry cleaned only. While “SW” or “WS” signifies it can be cleaned by both type of detergent or cleaner, water-based or solvent. Finally, “X” tag means that the couch must be handled by professionals.

Prepare your cleaning materials.

Leather Couch Cleaning Service

Leather Couch Cleaning Service

The best suggestion for cleaning a couch made from leather is to clean it by a mild soap or leather dew, you can get a combo of soap and oil from a shoe repair shop clean the couch with it once a week with a soft cloth.

How to clean your leather.

All couches have finished leather and it’s totally okay to clean it with a slightly damp cloth and using a small amount of a mild soap to quickly clean it. Nevertheless, always ensure that the cloth is only damp and not completely wet otherwise it’ll leave a water spot.

Leather couch cleaning using natural ways.

The white vinegar is the best natural stain remover and suitable on most of the leather couches. Start cleaning it with a soft cloth and blot the stain with it. Dip the cloth in a solution, which is made up with equal parts of water and vinegar solution. Then wipe the stain away gently. A microfibre cloth is recommended, any other cloth could be aggressive on the fabric. After this, follow the same method, but this time using a mixture of mild detergent and distilled water, it’ll remove the lingering vinegar smell. Finally, leave the couch to dry naturally.

Upholstery cleaning is not an easy task and sometimes it’s risky and may damage your investment. Thus, you should know when to call or free quotes for professional leather couch cleaner.