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Carbon Monoxide Detector?>

Our atmosphere is filled with gases, which also carries out through our lungs then our body. It’s unfortunate that some gases which are also present in the atmosphere can be fatal for us in large volume. Gases like carbon monoxide are one of the culprits, which is also present inside the house and causes health problems. When the carbon monoxide gas reaches to our lungs, it interacts with red blood cells and combines to hemoglobin, in place of oxygen. As a result of this, the formation of carboxyhemoglobin takes place, which interrupts the system of gas transportation and oxygen in the red blood cells. Due to this many health-related problems starts to occur also this permanently damages the brain and lung tissue and induces suffocation.

The carbon monoxide basically has no smell, no colour or taste which is why it’s impossible to identify the gas. Without the help of a proper detector, it’s not possible to properly detect the gas. Carbon monoxide forms when fuel is not burning properly, such as wood, gasoline, coal, clothes dryer, water heaters, ovens etc.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector

How To Detect The Carbon Monoxide Gas Inside Your House?

To prevent from high or low carbon monoxide exposure you can install a carbon monoxide detection equipment for Carbon Monoxide Testing at your home and connect it to a full security system. Carbon monoxide detection tools are are an sound alarm which activates when the level of carbon monoxide reaches an unsafe level in the air over time. There are different sensors with different alarms, here are some types of sensors which helps in detecting carbon monoxide levels inside the house.

  • Biomimetic Sensor- A type of gel changes its colour when coming in contact with carbon monoxide, this change in colour triggers the alarm.
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor- A silica chip circuits inside the detectors lower the electrical resistance and activate the alarm when the carbon monoxide level rises.
  • Electrochemical Sensor- This sensor has electrodes immersed in a type of chemicals which detect the change in electric current when the carbon monoxide reaches to a certain level, this triggers the alarm.

Once the alarms get activated, the carbon monoxide detection tool should be kept in carbon monoxide free environment to reset the configuration again.

Carbon Monoxide Testing
Carbon Monoxide Testing

How Duct Cleaning Improves The Air Quality Inside The Home?

Our ducts carries the air throughout the day, this air exchange cause dust and dirt build up. Also, the ducts are infested with rodents and spiders they leave their droppings behinds. This increases the bacterias and germs in the air which makes the air quality poor. When the air ducts are cleaned they keep the exchange of air smooth and clean. When the air ducts are cleaned things won’t clog up the ducts.

Carbon Monoxide Detection
Carbon Monoxide Detection

Call Professionals.

We at SK Cleaning Services has relevant experience of duct cleaning, we also go into the root cause of rising carbon monoxide level and fix the problems. We have been delivering Air duct cleaning services in the industry for very long, our equipment’s are 100% accurate in carbon monoxide detection, also if there’s carbon monoxide buildup in your ducts we have all the tools to remove it, our experts can do all kind of things in order to remove carbon monoxide buildup from your ducts.