How To Dry Clean A Curtain?

Some curtains are fragile and thus should not be washed in water, washing these curtains in water can cause shrinkage and discolouration. Thus, using detergent and water must be avoided in order to keep them intact. However, curtain stays still in the same position for too long, thus, dirt and dust settle on the curtain. Over time, the curtain gets muddy when moisture comes in contact, so the middle way of cleaning and sanitizing the carpet is Curtain Dry Cleaning method

In this blog, you’ll read steps for curtain dry cleaning, follow them in a proper way in order to do the curtain cleaning & curtain sanitization.

Curtain Dry Cleaning
Curtain Dry Cleaning

Here Are Some Items You Need To Start The Curtain Dry Cleaning.

  • Heavy-duty vacuum Cleaner.
  • Commercial stain removal product.
  • Dry cleaning solvent.

Follow These Steps For Better Curtain Dry Cleaning.

Below is the paragraph these steps would help you out in dry cleaning the curtain, read them carefully to avoid any mistake.

  • Step-1 Vacuum Clean The Curtain.

    Give a thorough vacuum cleaning session to your curtain and clean it until you’re sure that the curtain is all free from all the dust. Do it twice to ensure a complete Curtain Cleaning, set the settings of the vacuum cleaner at highest. Thoroughly vacuum clean both sides of the curtain and make sure that you have covered all the surface of the curtain

  • Step-2 Remove Stains.

    Stain removal is a quick task, locate stains or muddy area. Target them one at a time, apply a commercial stain removal product on the stain and blot it using a cloth. Continue blotting until the stain is removed, to remove mud from the curtain using a sponge and scrub the surface, the mud will get lighter every time you scrub the surface.

  • Step-3 Apply Dry Cleaning Solvent.

    Pour dry cleaning solvent on the curtain and moist the surface with it, apply all over the surface. Make sure that the surface is wet when you’re done keep your vacuum cleaner ready for immediate action. The dry cleaning solvent would break down the dust and dirt particles also kill the bacteria from the curtain.

  • Step-4 Vacuum Clean The Curtain Again.

    Now pick you vacuum cleaner again and vacuum clean the curtain at maximum setting. The vacuum cleaner would pick all the remaining dust and dirt and do the curtain cleaning and curtain sanitization.

Curtain Sanitization
Curtain Sanitization

Call Professionals.

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