How to Get Rid of Black Mould from the Ducts?

Air ducts in your homes or offices are an integral part of the home environment. They help in maintaining a regular flow of air from outside to inside and also help in the exchange of gases. Ducts are prone to the settlement of dirt, dust and debris and with time this can affect the quality of the indoor air. It is advisable that you follow routine vacuum duct cleaning time to time to maintain the ducts in a good condition. Dirty ducts can get exposed to moisture and water which will result in mould formation. Black mould can have disastrous consequences on your health and it is highly suggested that you get professional duct cleaning for duct mould removal. Mould is a fungus that is known to cause many harmful diseases and ailments. Black mould can spread throughout your home and cause severe problems for your health and home environment. Mould and its spores will lead to breathing issues, asthma symptoms and even bleeding of the lungs. We, therefore, are providing you with a simple DIY for duct mould removal. Keep reading below to know more about how to get rid of black mould from the ducts.

Carpet Black Mould Removal
Carpet Black Mould Removal

Things You Need

  • Baking soda
  • Detergent or soap
  • Vacuum cleaners with an extendable hose
  • Air vent brush
  • A microfibre cloth
  • Cordless drill

Steps for Duct Mould Removal:

Step 1 :

Remove all the registers and lids of air vents and air ducts. Wash the registers and lids using a cloth rinsed in detergent water solution. Remove all the dried and sticky mud and dust from the lids and keep them for drying

Step 2 :

Now use a long brush or an air vent brush to clean the walls and floors of air ducts. Make sure you remove all the dust and mud from the walls.

Step 3 :

Now start duct mould removal by adding some amount of baking soda to the detergent water solution. Rinse a microfibre cloth in this solution and use the cloth to rub and scrub off the black layer of mould. Keep rubbing till the solution completely saturates the mould. Leave the solution as it is and let it dry out.

Step 4 :

After the air ducts are dry, now attach an air vent brush to a cordless drill. Turn the drill on and reach the walls and floors of the ducts and start brushing. The brush will remove chunks of baking soda and black mould and will also help in further cleaning of the ducts through a vacuum cleaner.

Step 5 :

It is important to carry vacuum duct cleaning now so as to remove remaining dust, soda and black mould. Attach an extendable hose to the vacuum cleaner. Run the vacuum hose along the walls and floors of air ducts and extract all the debris, chunks and mud from air ducts. Make sure you run the cleaner to the very corner of ducts and repeat to make sure no dust is left. After vacuum cleaning your air ducts are now mould free and duct mould removal is complete.

Expert Duct Cleaning
Expert Duct Cleaning

Professional Assistance:

Duct mould removal is very hectic and time-consuming. Self-treatment of mould is also not very effective and black mould can also reappear. So we advise you to seek Professional Duct Cleaning Service in Melbourne Our company is an experienced name in the field of professional duct cleaning services. We can treat and remove any sign of black mould from the air ducts once and for all. Our duct mould removal service will not only eradicate mould but will also prevent it from reappearing. Hire our Ses Cleaning Services company and get rid of black mould from the ducts within 24 hours.