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Maintaining a Mattress

Mattress maintaining is the process by which you have to carefully handle the mattress so that it can last longer and remain in a good position. Apart from the cleaning process the mattress should be maintained very well.

Mattress Cleaning Service

How to Maintain a Mattress   

  1. Have a Good Choice of Bed for your Mattress:

    If someone has a springs mattress he or she is advised to use the box spring kind of bed and those using memory foam and the other types of mattresses are advised to use a bed which is very strong to support the mattress very well and such types of beds are usually made of strong wood.
    The beds hould also be made in accordance to the size of the mattress, the weight of the mattress and also the weight of the person.
    One should check the condition of the bed at least once a year so that in case of any breaks one can replace.
  2. Have a Good Mattress Protector: –

    Many people may ignore the usage of mattress protectors but it helps a lot. Its advised that a perfect mattress protector should be waterproof. This helps a lot to conserve the inner parts of the mattress. Spills, animal stains, human spins, dust, skin oils and sweats will not get in contact with the mattress easily since its waterproof.  The water proof mattress cover can be easily cleaned. This will reduce instances of mold development hence reduction of respiratory problems.
  3. Ensure The Beddings are Washed Often: –

    While sleeping one sweats and loose some skin and hair cells through shedding. Apart from this one can also eat while in bed and during this process food particles may fall on the beddings. This may lead to the formation of bacteria and may encourage some tiny animals like mites to live in the bedding which is not healthy. One should clean sheets, pillows, blankets at least twice a month. While the mattress itself should be cleaned at least once per year.
  4. Ensure you Cuddle and Play With Pets Away from The Bed: –

    Pets can cause pet stains which include tears, urine, feces, or vomit. To avoid such stains from happening on your mattress play with your pets away from the bed place. Apart from that,  pet owners should make their pet special beds where they can sleep comfortably.
  5. Turn your Mattress Up and Down Often: –

    This will ensure that some dust that may have built up on the mattress to forcefully move out due to the force applied during the process of turning the mattress up and down.
  6. Don’t Jump on The Mattress Either On The Bed or Not: –

    If you jump on foam mattresses they will easily wear out. Jumping on beads may make the beds to break hence destroying the mattress. Those spring mattresses are affected too since their airbags will get destroyed. 
  7. Ensure you Handle Carefully The Mattress During Transportation: –

    During transportation ensure that the mattress has a plastic cover to prevent it from dust or moisture. Also while transporting do not fold the mattress since it might lose its shape. During movement one is not advised to push them on the floor.
  8. Read Keenly The Instruction of Cleaning The Mattress: –

    Those in mattress industries usually make mattresses of different materials hence the mattresses also have different ways of cleaning them according to the manufacturer’s instructions which are usually written on the mattress. The one using mattress should follow those instructions keenly.

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