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How To Remove Blood Stains On The Carpet?>

Blood on the carpet? Get in action fast. Delay can be dangerous. Okay, dangerous is a quite heavy word, but it’s to intimate you about how painful the blood stain removal from carpet can be. That’s why is better to act immediately when the blood stain is still fresh on the carpet. If the blood stain gets time to set in carpet, it will take most of your efforts to go away. In case, you notice the blood stains a little later, don’t fret, we have the solutions for that too. Dried stains can test your patience, but you have to stay calm throughout the process, as a little hurry and recklessness can lead you to the damaged carpet fibres. Carpet cleaning and maintaining is not an easy task, but if you the right ways, it can be done effectively.

Effective Ways for Blood stain Removal From Carpet

Blood stain Removal for The Fresh Stain

Blood stain Removal From Carpet

Blood stain Removal From Carpet

Step 1: Blot the Blood Stain

Blot the blood stain on the carpet using a piece of clean cloth or paper towel. Apply the pressure downwards on the carpet to soak as much stain as possible. Don’t rub, it will spread the blood on the carpet making the situation worse.

Step 2: Rinse the Stain with Hot Water

Once blood stops coming off the carpet, spray the cold water on the affected area to rinse the stain. And then blot the stain again with a clean cloth or sponge. Continue doing it until the stain stops transferring to the cloth. Don’t use warm water, as it will set the stain further into the carpet, and can make it permanent. You can use the wet vacuum cleaners to extract the liquid, which has fewer chances of spreading the stain.

Step 3: Treat the Remaining Stain

To remove the stain completely from the carpet, you have to make the cleaning solution. Add a little amount of dishwashing liquid and in a bowl of cold water. Now, treat the Nail Polish stain with cleaning solution. Dip the towel into the solution and work on the stain, don’t rub too hard, it can damage the carpet fibres. Repeat the process until there is no more transfer of the stain. Then blot the excess moisture from the affected area.

Step 4: Apply Commercial Carpet Stain Remover

If you can still spot the blood traces on the carpeting, apply the commercial stain remover. Then expose the treated area to the fan for the fast drying of the carpet.

Blood stain Removal for The Fresh Stain

Blood Stains Removal From Carpet Melbourne

Blood Stains Removal From Carpet Melbourne

Step 1: Scrape The Blood Stain

Use a butter Knife to scrape the dried blood stain off the carpet. (Do this step for the heavy spills only)

Step 2: Treat the Stain with Cleaning Solution

Add 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with 2 cups of cold water to make the cleaning solution. Then dip a sponge or clean cloth into the cmixture and blot it across the stained area onto the carpet. Keep doing it until the solution is absorbed into the Deep carpeting Clean and stain vanishes away.

Step 3: Clean the Spot with Cold Water

Once done blot the stain with the cold water and speed dry it under the fan.

Step 4: Use Ammonia to Treat the Remaining Stain

If the stain remains, you have to make another solution for the blood stain removal. Add 1 tablespoon of ammonia in a ½ cup of warm water, wring a sponge into the solution and blot onto the targeted area. Once the stain has vanished, blot the area with cold water and dry it.

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