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How To Remove Glue Stains From The Carpet

Carpets have a way of attracting stains no matter how careful or vigilant you think you are. One of the most tuff stains to get rid of is hardened glue. Whether it is the centerpiece attraction in your living room, or the small one snug beside your bed, a glue stain is a nuisance on a carpet. No matter how small it is, that will be what stands out; it will be the path your feet decide to travel over so as to highlight the nuisance; it will be where the innocent child decides to tug on the rug, trying to remove this imperfection, maybe even at the cost of a few additional fibers. For a peace of mind, it is best to get rid of this stain.

Glue Stain Removal
Glue Stain Removal

Heat, Moisture and Detergent

Unless you are a chemist, I do not expect you to know the chemical composition of the glue and what it reacts to so I suggest you start with a mild method before moving on to a high advanced stage. The first recommendation is to use warm water and dish detergent mixed in a spray bottle. Spray the warm solution on the glue stains and let it soak for a minute. Use a clean piece of cloth to gently wipe the glue or should contact to remove any types of stain from carpet. Keep wetting and wiping the area until the glue is removed. If this does not work, you definitely can consider moving on to the next step.


The next option is to use our favorite common household acid that goes by the name vinegar. Vinegar may react with dye in some carpets so you may want to add some extra thought before using this option. Test the vinegar on a secret part of the carpet if you indeed want to try this method. You do not want to end up with a tie-dye carpet (or maybe you do). Mix the vinegar with warm water and spray on the affected spots. Use a clean cloth to wipe the spots away. Use a slight pulling motion for carpets with long fibers. Repeat this process to allow for the glue to separate fully from the carpet. Not all glues are made equal however and so this method may fail as well.


Being that you are not an expert, I will not recommend that you try any extreme carpet sanitizing chemicals. These can do huge harm than good if used incorrectly. The last recommended resort is to cut the clumps of glue from the carpet. This should be done with best care and precision as there exists the risk of your carpet reeling out and being reduced to a ball of yarn. Use a sharp, fine razor to cut the exact connections of the glue to the fibers. If a deep cut is required, ensure that it is not the string that holds the carpet together. If at the end of it all, you end up with an obvious bald patch in your carpet, it may not be worth it.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Get Our Company Professionals Help

This last piece of advice is actually my first recommendation. Call in the experts. It is often not worth it to experiment with your carpet and risk having it permanently damaged. Our Local Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne at SK Cleaning Services has over 10 years of experience dealing with carpet stains from all walks of life. Having professionals do the job that helps in glue removal and satisfaction that your carpet looks as close to new as possible. We are armed with the required tools to get the job done efficiently. Don’t wait. Give us a call today.

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