How to Reuse Old Carpets?

Carpets are the most useful product for many people, it will save your flooring from scratches and other things. Your house looks beautiful and amazing because of the carpets. But what to do when the carpet is old, how to use it? Are you giving to reselling the carpet or using it by yourself? Both options are good and creative, but reusing your carpet is more creative then selling to another one.

Before using the carpet for another purpose make sure you clean go with the carpet deep cleaning process because if it won’t happen that it may possible that it will be harmful to your family. You can use the DIY process and give a new look to your carpet.

Carpet Deep Cleaning
Carpet Deep Cleaning

How to Reuse Carpet?

Well, there are many options to use the old carpet of carpet disinfection, but first, check out the size of your carpet and the things you need to make from the carpet. Well, you can use your whole carpet to make a single thing or cut them to create new wonderful things. It totally depends on your, but before doing any such things just clean the carpet with the help of carpet cleaning tips so when you begin the process it looks good and stylish instead of messy or dirty.

  • Create Drink Coaster:

    Yes, it sounds different, but you can make drink coasters from the carpet. Measure it and then cut the carpet carefully. The drink coaster is ready, and it will not be expensive. You can draw some designs using your sewing skills which make it more stylish and unique in front of your guests
  • Carpet Scratching Post:

    If you have pets or kids in the house then this idea is the best for your house. You can create a new carpet from an old carpet for the pets and gave a new look to your house. Well, it can be useful for the kids who are in gymnastics.
  • Create Carpet for Plants:

    Another unique idea is to create the carpet and put it under your small plants. It helps because when you pour more water most of the moisture will be soaked by the carpet and it won’t look messy. Well, you need to clean the carpets at a regular interval of time. You can use the washing machine and if it is not washable then use any carpet stain removal product and clean it easily with professional carpet cleaner.
  • Use Carpet to Move Heavy Furniture:

    If you don’t want any scratches to your wood flooring then you must cut your old carpet into little squares and slip them under the legs of heavy chair or table. After that move, whenever you want.
  • Make Car Mats:

    As the seasons change, you can see the changes on the inside and outside, so in this case you can create Car mats from the old carpets and use them as the seasons change or whenever you want to. Apart from this, you can put such carpets on the back seat when you’re traveling with your pets. If they do any kind of shit, then it is much better to throw a car mat instead of carpet sanitization the car seat.
  • Use as Play-ground:

    If you don’t want to create many things from the carpet then give a little effort and create a little playground for the kids. Yes, it will just like a playground in their nursery or other places. It becomes their favorite place and all the toys, and everything can be their only instead of the floor. Another thing is the floor is always dirty and if you use the clean carpet it won’t be dirty and disinfectant for the small kids but wash it regularly.
  • Make Stool Seat Cover:

    There are so many stools in the market with seat covers, but what if you create such things at home, just using the old carpet. It takes time but saves lots of bucks in the wallet.
Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service


Well, it depends on the mind of the person how they make things more useful and creative for everyone. Creating so many things from a single carpet is a wonderful job. Each family member become so happy and save lots of money. So, don’t think and just follow the instructions and create something new or your house.

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