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Get Your Home Carpet Clean, This Winter With Professional Carpet Cleaners

SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – One of the most beautiful decors that you use to furnish your home or office is the carpet. Carpets give you a soft and warm feeling. But carpets easily get all the dirt and dust from our pets and through shoes. Also, spilled food and beverages give stain marks to carpets. Doing regular cleaning does not eliminate all the bacteria and dust that are hidden inside the carpet, for that you need professional carpet cleaners.SK Carpet Cleaning is a well known and established company that provides Same Day Carpet Antiviral Sanitisation, Carpet Stain Removal, Carpet Mould Removal, and effective carpet cleaning services. The dust that gets accumulated on the carpet makes indoor air pollution that is not good for health. So to be safe from bacteria and polluted air, you can contact SK Carpet Cleaning. We provide quality work by carpet steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet repairs, carpet water damage restoration, and carpet sanitization services. We are available 24X7 to solve any carpet cleaning issue.

“Carpets dry slightly faster in the winter due to lower humidity that helps moisture evaporate more quickly. We have high-powered fans to make your carpet dry fast so you can enjoy your dry your carpet this winter”

We are the best choice for affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services. With years of experience, our expert technicians know how exactly the cleaning of the carpets is done. Book us today to enjoy our spotless carpet services.

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    Benefits of Hiring Professionals of SK Carpet Cleaning

    Professionalism Approach
    Since the establishment of the SK Carpet Cleaning, we have used the most professional approach to clean the rugs and carpets. We have gained the trust of 1000 people through our work.
    Services at Competitive Prices
    SK Carpet Cleaning provides the best price and deals on carpet cleaning services. Just discuss with us your problem and get the best offer that suits you.
    Availability on Short Notice
    We are operational every day of the week, even on holidays. If you are in a hurry, then call SK Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets and rugs in a short span of time.
    Complete Coverage of Area
    We are available in every corner of Melbourne. SK Cleaning Carpet does not charge any extra amount to visit the suburbs places.
    Eco-friendly Procedure
    Extra measures are taken by our expert professionals to keep your carpet and home free from allergies by using the eco-safe chemicals.
    Modern Equipment
    SK Carpet Cleaning uses the high-grade equipment for the better cleaning of carpets and rugs.
    Carpet Cleaning Services
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    Carpet Cleaning


    Services at Competitive Prices

    Carpet Cleaning


    Complete Coverage of Area

    Carpet Cleaning


    Professionalism Approach

    Carpet Cleaning


    Availability on Short Notice

    Difference between Steam Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Steam Carpet Cleaning

    In this type of carpet cleaning, we make use of hot water. The hot water is sprayed over the carpet and vacuumed up instantly. After that carpet cleaning chemicals are sprayed over the carpet so that dirt gets eliminated. Some of the carpet cleanings use the chemical along with water. But it is not the ideal way because chemical takes some time to show the reaction and if it is not appropriately flushed, then it attracts the dust particles on the carpet after the carpet gets dried. Steam cleaning is the most preferred choice of the carpet cleaners as in this process the carpet thoroughly gets cleaned. The only drawback of steam cleaning is the number of days that are required for the proper drying of the carpet.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Another term for dry carpet cleaning is the bonnet cleaning. In this type of carpet cleaning, there is much use of chemicals and less moisture. The carpet cleaning chemicals are sprayed on the carpet and then rubbed with the help of a pad. The dirt or stain either come out along with pad or get evacuated as per the reaction of the chemical. It is best to have dry cleaning if there is less dirt or stains over the carpet. You can use thee carpet after some hours if dry cleaning is done over that.

    SK Carpet Cleaning provides dual carpet cleaning. It depends on your choice, which one you prefer.

    Same-Day Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Same Day emergency Steam carpet cleaning melbourne
    Same Day Emergency Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Got an emergency for carpet cleaning? Don’t worry, SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is here that provides emergency carpet cleaning services at most reasonable prices. Our professional carpet cleaners will impress you with their speed and excellent work performance. The experts of SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are well trained, qualified & experienced to deal with any type of stain, spot & mould over the carpet.

    We provide the best result that other competitors are not able to offer. Whenever you are in a panic, give us a call, and we will reach your doorstep on the same day of the booking. We do not offer much cost for a last-minute job done by our professional. Get in touch with our top-rated cleaners team for same day carpet cleaning service in Melbourne. Our carpet cleaners use the right approach for killing germs & bacteria from the dusted carpet in a limited period of time.

    Professional Approach to Carpet Cleaning

    dry removal of dust

    Step 1 : Dry Removal of Dust

    As our professional reaches your doorstep, he goes through each side of the carpet to remove the dirt that is in loose form. This process helps in the effective cleaning of the carpet and while maintaining the life span of the carpet.

    suspension of dust removal

    Step 2: Suspension of Dust

    In this process, the dirt particles are not separated in the first stage while vacuuming gets separated. It includes chemical activity, temperature to accelerate chemical activity, agitation for proper chemical distribution, the required time for the chemical to function correctly. These all combination helps in separating the dust particles.

    suspended soil removal

    Step 3: Suspended Soil Removal

    The soil present in the carpet becomes loosen at this stage, and via different methods, the soil gets suspended from the carpet. Any of the following modes can be used-absorbing the dirt from the carpet, wet vacuuming, hot water extraction, rinsing or dry vacuuming.

    grooming dry of carpet

    Step 4 Grooming & Dry of Carpet

    In the final stage, the look of the carpet is improved with the help of a carpet rake. And after that, carpets are allowed to dry as soon as possible after the cleaning process. We do not overwet the carpet so that it can get dried quickly.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

    We provide one of the best corporate sector carpet cleaning services. We do not consider the size of the business. SK Carpet Cleaning provides effective carpet cleaning services to all business owner either it small, medium, or large scaled. Our professionals serve the following areas:

    • Hotel & Motel: our expert technicians use the best techniques to clean out the carpets that are used in these industries.
    • School & Universities: Call us when you need to clean the carpets of schools and universities.
    • Hospital: the health department requires proper hygiene, and SK Carpet Cleaning provides effective carpet cleaning services at these locations.
    • Retail Sectors: we cover all the retail sectors to provide professional and effective carpet cleaning services.
    • Office Spaces: your working place has dirty carpet? Don’t worry; we are here to clean them.
    • Restaurants: proper cleaning is important at all food stores, so keeping this in mind, we provide our best carpet cleaning services at restaurants.
    • Shopping Malls: numbers of people visit the shopping malls daily, and they leave their shoe dust on the carpet. SK Carpet Cleaning uses the right techniques to clean the carpets.
    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth

    residential carpet cleaning

    Specialized Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Deep cleaning of carpet is required for a healthy home. The presence of dirty carpet has a bad effect on the health of your kids and family members. With 8 years of experience in dealing with residential carpets, we know how to treat the carpet at domestic places. Our professionals are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified. We have complete knowledge of how to remove the stains and other dust particles from all types of carpets. Our carpet cleaners are trained and skilled. We use green and eco-friendly chemicals to clean the carpet. Contact us today and get bright, fresh, and clean carpets for your home.


    Services that We Perform in Stunning Way

    • Carpet Steam Cleaning:

      It is an efficient method for thoroughly cleaning the carpet. We utilise vaporised water to loosen the dust particles in the carpet. The steaming technique used by our professionals efficiently cleans the carpets.

    • Carpet Dry Cleaning

      There is no usage of any moisture content in dry carpet cleaning. To clean the carpet, a specialised machine is utilised. We offer state-of-the-art equipment for dry cleaning carpets.

    • Hot Water Extraction

      Many people believe that hot water extraction and steam carpet cleaning are interchangeable, however this is not the case. Both are distinct processes. To remove stains and dust from the carpet, hot water extraction uses completely hot water. Our specialists ensure that no residue is left on the carpet following the treatment process.

    • Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

      Nobody wants to see stains on their carpets, which is why our experienced team members use the best carpet stain removal procedures to make your carpet bright, clean, and fresh. Call us right away to obtain stain-free carpets.

    • Carpet Mould Removal Services in Melbourne

      Our experts investigate the root cause of the carpet mould. Our controllers eliminate all spores to ensure that your carpet is mould-free. Getting rid of simply the head of the mould brings back the problem of mould, therefore we work hard to eradicate the root cause.

    • Carpet Sanitization Services in Melbourne

      The most important duty is carpet sanitization, since without it, your carpet is unfit for usage. Your carpet may appear clean without sanitization, yet it contains allergens, germs, and other dangerous fungus.

    • Carpet Shampooing Services in Melbourne

      It is a cost-effective and efficient method of cleaning carpets. The carpet is washed with a sufficient amount of water and soap, and then with dry foam. SK Carpet Cleaning offers the best carpet washing services at an affordable price.

    • Carpet Disinfection Melbourne Services

      Carpet disinfection is used to clean the carpet from the inside. The fibres in the carpet are cleansed as a result of this. Skin flakes, pet hair, germs, fungi, and microbes are all found inside carpets. We provide carpet disinfecting services to our clients in order to maintain a healthy carpet.

    • Carpet Dyeing

      Are you tired of staring at the same colour carpet? Don’t be concerned; SK Carpet Cleaning is the finest choice for getting the same carpet in a different hue. We provide high-quality dying services. It is a low-cost method for restoring your old carpet.

    • Scotchgard Carpet Protection

      Scotchgard protection is applied to your carpet to protect it from unforeseen accidents. We apply Scotchgard protection to your carpet after it has been cleaned to extend its life. SK Carpet Cleaning can provide you with worry-free carpet cleaning services.

    end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    If you are a tenant, your primary obligation is to depart or return the property and items in the same condition that you received them. Moving from one location to another is often a time-consuming and stressful procedure. As a result, you don’t have enough time to clean your carpet in those situation. As a result, it is recommended to hire expert carpet cleaners to clean the carpet. Contact SK Carpet Cleaning immediately to schedule an end-of-lease carpet cleaning. We will arrive to your location within 24 hours of your booking. We don’t charge more to go to Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Call us for a free estimate on the best end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning service.

    Checklist of Carpet Cleaning

    If you are planning to get your carpet cleaned by a carpet cleaning company in the most effective way, then here are some points on which you should focus.




    Everyone knows that experience matter a lot. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner, then they know the exact way to clean the different types of carpets. SK Carpet Cleaning has a team of experienced cleaners to clean your carpet.

    Special Equipment


    Special Equipment

    Different types of equipment are required to clean the carpet. A good carpet cleaning company has industry approved tools and machinery to offer a quality carpet cleaning service. The presence of high-grade tools reduces work time too.




    Your carpet cleaner must be efficient in cleaning the carpets within the given time period. They should have the correct knowledge and skill to deal with the carpets efficiently.




    It is one of the important factors that is considered while hiring carpet cleaners. Check out the company portfolio that what they charge for a specific type of carpet cleaning. SK Carpet Cleaning provides budget-friendly carpet cleaning services.

    Carpet Cleaning License


    Carpet Cleaning License

    Before hiring the carpet cleaning company, you must ask about the certificate and license of that company. It is important to hire a certified carpet cleaning company to get the best result.

    Cleaning Methods


    Cleaning Methods

    Check out the methods that are offered by the carpet cleaning company. The method of cleaning determines the drying time of the carpet and the money that you will have to pay after the service.

    10 DIY Tips for Cleaning The Carpet

    1. Use of Baking Soda

      To remove the stain that is created by wine and beer, you can use powdered baking soda. Sprinkle the soda on the stained part and leave it for 30 minutes. Clean the treated place with a vacuum.

    2. Shaving Cream

      Shaving cream is considered as one of the best options to remove the stain from the carpet. It is effective on every sort of stain. Directly apply the shaving cream on the stained area and leave it for 30 minutes, then blot it with the help of a dry white cloth.

    3. Hydrogen Peroxide

      If there is a stain of blood on the carpet, then make it loosen with the help of water and detergent. Take out scapes as much as you can. After it applies the hydrogen peroxide over the stain, it will result in the form of foam after reacting with the stain. With the help of a towel, dab the hydrogen peroxide to clean the carpet.

    4. Freeze-Dried Gum

      If gum gets stuck over the carpet, then it creates a messy feeling, and to remove the gum effectively, you can make use of ice cubes. Put the frozen cube over the gum for 30 seconds after that the gum gets frozen and take it out with the help of a spoon.

    5. Deep Cleaning

      Cleaning a carpet clean is important to make its life much longer. Try to do the deep cleaning of the carpet after some regular intervals.

    6. Heat Wax

      Wax dropping appears on your carpet when burning candles drop on it. To remove the wax from the carpet, the best technique is heating. Take a piece of cloth and put it over the wax, take iron, and heat it so that it gets melt and remove with the help of a butter knife.

    7. Blot the Stains

      Don’t try the rubbing process over the carpet to remove the stain. The key factor is the blotting, as blotting generates pressure over the section of the stain and soaks the stains. Rubbing results in the premature breaking of the fibers.

    8. Dishwasher detergent

      To remove the stain that is created by grease, you can use grease-cutting dishwashing detergents. It will work in the same way as it works on your dishes.

    9. Clean your Pets

      Look after your pets so that they do not make any accident over the carpet. A well-trained pet may sometime do something wrong over the carpet; in that case, remove the dust material from carpet and immediately clean it with the help of spray cleaner.

    10. Candy Crushed

      If you have kids in your house, then it most obvious that candy will fall over the carpet. In that case, remove the candy with the help of a spotter brush and butter knife. Take a sponge and solution of water and mild soap and clean the sugar out of that area.

    DIY for carpet cleaning
    DIy for carpet cleaning

    Industrial Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    SK Carpet Cleaning provides quality of work in cleaning the carpets. We offer full carpet cleaning service for industrial carpet at most reliable rate. Our carpet cleaners, cleans all the carpet even it is used in party, building construction, during home paint and after party cleaning. The carpet receives lots of dust and stain during these occasions but don’t worry SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is here to give you best service. We make your carpet dust free and stain free with the use of modern machinery and years of experience. Trust our carpet cleaner team and forget about the carpet stain problem, You will get clean and health effective industrial carpet cleaning service in Melbourne.

    industrial carpet cleaning Melbourne

    We Serve all Suburbs of Melbourne for Carpet Cleaning

    carpet cleaning melbourne

    Melbourne is the southeastern Australian state of VIC. The modern development of the Federation Square, with plazas, bars and restaurants by the Yarra River, is at the center of the city. Our all carpet cleaning service affordable & excellent. Call us any time, and our team will clean your carpets. We use advanced cleaning equipment & products. We serve in all the corners of Melbourne for professional carpet cleaning services. Some Suburbs mentioned below :

    Types of Stains We Remove

    • Nail polish
    • Urine Stain
    • Pet Stain
    • Blood Stain
    • Food Stain
    • Coffee & Tea Stain
    • Ink Stain
    • Wine Stain
    • Slime Stain
    • Vomit Stain

    Why Choose Us?

    SK Carpet Cleaning is the #1 carpet cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Trust us to get stain and dust-free. Before hiring us you can check some of your basic features, it will help you in making the best decision.

    1. On-time and prompt carpet cleaning service.
    2. We satisfy our customers, 100%.
    3. Emergency carpet cleaning services is delivered 24 hours.
    4. Owned and operated in Melbourne, CBD.
    5. Toxic-free treatments that are safe for the environment.
    6. Carpet cleaning services on public holidays and weekends too.
    7. Best affordable prices for carpet cleaning services.
    8. Team of expert and certified carpet cleaners.
    9. A free quote over call for all services.
    10. Modern equipment and tools for quality work.
    11. 24×7 service for carpet cleaning.
    12. Commitment to best work of carpet cleaning.
    why choose us

    Frequently Asked Question on Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    Do you clean Wool carpet?


    Yes, SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has special products & solutions that we use for wool carpet cleaning.

    How much does it cost to get one room carpet cleaned?


    The cost of carpet cleaning depends on the area of carpet & dirt. SK Carpet Cleaning’s average cost between $50 to $100 per room, whole-home carpet cleaning projects can cost more than $500.

    What is the best method to clean the carpet?


    Steam carpet cleaning is the best & most effective method to clean the carpet which removes 90% bacteria & dirt from the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning also effective for foot traffic carpet area.

    Will hot water extraction (steam cleaning) damage my carpets?


    No, Hot water extraction method will not damage your carpet. Steam carpet cleaning is a method preferred by many leading carpet manufactures. It is considered an effective & excellent method of removing dirt, grime, soil, and other contaminants.

    Are the carpet cleaner of SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne fully qualified?


    Yes, Our carpet cleaning team well qualified, certified & experienced. We allow our technicians to work unless they have satisfactorily completed our carpet cleaning training, which means they are fully skilled to perform carpet cleaning.

    Are your carpet cleaning services safe for my kids & pets?


    Yes, Our all carpet cleaning services effective, safe & eco-friendly. We use the best methods & products for carpet cleaning that are safe for your family & pets.

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