Mould in Duct can Damage the Entire System, Get Rid of the Same with us

Molds are organisms that are spread quickly and cause several kinds of problems. They can found anywhere and cause several health problems. If they are found in the air ducts, then can lead to damage the entire system and collapse the air ducts as well. In that case, you can contact Ses Cleaning Services which offer you with the duct mold removal service. The duct mold removal services help you to get clean ducts without the molds. To know how duct mold removal is being carried out and how it can be prevented refer to the below-given information.

Duct Mould Removal Service
Duct Mould Removal Service

The Process we Ses Cleaning Services Follow  During the Mold Removal  in the Air Ducts

The steps followed by a professional in the duct mold removal service are as follows:

  • Inspection of the Air Ducts –

    The first steps is to identify where there are molds in the air ducts. As soon as the inspection is being carried out, the  sooner it will help to remove the molds completely from the surface of the air ducts
  • Cleaning with the Baking Soda –

    The cleaning agent mixed with the baking soda helps in complete removal and killing of the molds.
  • Use of Scrubbing Agent –

    The professional use for the scrubbing cleaning agents along with the hard cloth and rub it against the surface of the ducts for the effective duct mold removal.
  • Use of Brushes with Hard Blisters –

    The brushes are the effective method and used on a regular basis to avoid the molds on the ducts.  
  • Use of the Vacuum Cleaners –

    The vacuum cleaners are used both for drying the area and secondly to remove the molds from the air ducts.

Things you can do to Prevent the Molds Infestation in the Air Ducts

Some of the things which you can  opt for preventing the mold infestation is as follows:

  • Use the dehumidifier to evaporate the water which is responsible for the growth of molds. Therefore, the dehumidifier avoids the growth of the molds.
  • The molds get accumulated in the filters. Therefore, the replacement of the filters avoids the infestation of the molds in the air ducts.
  • Sealing the leakage areas is very necessary to avoid the entrance of the molds in the air ducts.
  • Clean the drip pans near the air ducts regularly to avoid the entrance of the molds in the air ducts.
  • Use of vacuum cleaners on a daily basis prevents the growth of the molds on the surface of the air ducts.
Professional Duct Mould Removal

How a Professional can help you?

The molds effect in various ways and cause several health problems, once they are found in the air ducts. In that case, we at Ses Cleaning Services  offer you with the Duct Mold Removal Services with the help of experts. The experts offer the best services around the clock with the use of the latest techniques and methods which are safe and secure. Call Us Today and also Book your Booking