SES Cleaning Services

We at Ses Cleaning Services offer a wide range of cleaning services across all the suburbs of Melbourne. With the years of experience and the required skills, we can help in the most difficult cleaning jobs. Read further and find out the special cleaning services that we are capable of delivering on all the residential, and commercial properties.

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Your mattress contributes the most to your good night sleep. You spend about 7-8 hours daily on your mattress. Have you ever bothered about their cleaning? If no, it’s high time. Your mattress is a big heap of dust, dirt, dust mites, sweat, and dead skin cells. Dirty mattress can become a source of a number of health issues. We at Ses Cleaning services know the best ways to clean and sanitise your mattresses such as mattress steam cleaning, mattress dry cleaning and more.




Carpet Cleaning MelbourneCarpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpets make your home adorable. They give comfort, warmth, and charm to your place. But with the regular use, tear and wear, and time, your carpets get dirty and stained. And dirty carpets steal all the elegance and charm of the home. But worry not, why are we there? With all sorts of tools and chemical solutions, Ses Cleaners are able to clean your carpet to perfection. No matter what fabric your carpet is made up of, we can clean and make them look new. Call us today for the best carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.


Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning MelbourneYou must have invested a good part of your time and money in selecting the right curtains that go well and enhance the look of your interior. But do you remember the original colour of your curtains anymore? If dust and dirt and stains seem to make the permanent place on your curtains. A thought of replacing them might also have come across your mind, even if you don’t really want to. But guess what? They can get cleaned and new once again. Our cleaners are experts in curtain cleaning Melbourne and know how to treat a particular type of fabric. We can do both onsite and offsite curtain steam and dry cleaning.



Carpet Repair Melbourne

Carpet Repair MelbourneWe at Ses Cleaning Services ought to provide your customers with the complete solutions related to their carpets. Whether it is cleaning or repairing, we are able to do it smoothly. We have all the resources for repairing your carpets and restore their condition. Know more about Carpet Repair




Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Duct Cleaning MelbourneWhen you feel the need for duct cleaning, look no further than Ses Cleaning Services. If you feel the dust particles in the air, problem in respiration, irritation in your throat and eyes, stale and odd smells across your home, it is probably the time to have your ducts cleaned. Whether it’s a commercial or residential duct cleaning we can do it for you. With the years of experience, skills and the right tools, we can clean your ducts thoroughly. Not only clean, but we also sanitise your ducts using tea tree oil for the bad odour removal.


Duct Repair Melbourne

Duct Repair MelbourneBesides cleaning your ducts, our professionals are also trained to repair your duct systems. Our technicians will you do a thorough inspection to determine the problem in your ducts and then take the required action accordingly. It is the advanced equipment and techniques that give us the confidence to make your ducts functioning as they are supposed to. Call us today and get the duct repairing services in Melbourne.


Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Upholstery Cleaning MelbourneDirty sofa? Don’t worry, we can clean them the way you want. Getting upholstery dirty and stained is a natural thing, this cannot be avoided. But you can save it from looking ugly by having it cleaned thoroughly by the professionals. Beside stains and dirt, your upholstery also gets attacked by the mould in a humid environment. You do not realise but your sofa and couches bristle with bacterias and germs all over. Hence, for the complete sanitisation and germ and dirt removal, you need professionals. And Ses Cleaners are well-versed in that. Hire us today and get the best services for upholstery cleaning Melbourne.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Tile and Grout Cleaning MelbourneTiles add an elegance to any place. They effortlessly make your home look attractive and give it a finished look. But only when they are cleaned. Like everything else in the home, your tiled surface also need your complete attention and care, which make them long-lasting. Regular foot-traffic and tear and wear, make your tiles chipped and scratched, and most grouts are porous in nature that attract dirt and stains. That’s why, you need to clean your tile and regularly, and like another cleaning job, we are well-proficient in tile and grout cleaning Melbourne.


Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

Water Damage Restoration MelbourneWe are also capable of helping in carpet flood damage restoration. Whether you want commercial or domestic service for the restoration of your carpet, we are always there. We know, an emergency can happen anytime, thus we are available in your services 27/4 round the clock. Our flood damage restoration services include- leaking roof on the carpet, hot water system breakdown, washing machine overflow, rainwater pipe leakage, carpet sewage restoration, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Book our services today for flood damage restoration Melbourne.