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Simple And Natural Ways To Dry Your Wet Carpets Easily


Carpet cleaning is one of the essential tasks of every household, but the process of drying it is a little challenging. A wet or damp carpet acts as a breeding ground for the buildup of mildew and fungi in it. This can pose various types of health hazards for you as well as your family. So, it becomes very important to dry it out as soon as possible to prevent all these troubles from happening. The good thing is that you can do this job on your own without taking the help of a Carpet Cleaning Services company. This saves you from paying a lot of money to get this service done. There are various natural and inexpensive ways to dry carpets using which you can easily blow out your wet carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

List of Natural Ways to Blow Out Your Carpet

  • Natural ways to dry carpets – Spread dry towels to cover the entire area of your wet carpet. Walk over it back and forth till your towels gets completely saturated. Now take out these wet towels and replace them with few more dry ones and place them in the same region. Repeat this procedure till the entire carpet gets dried.
  • Put on a heater or a large sized fan so that it dries the carpet quickly.
  • Use hairdryers, dehumidifier, household fans or ceiling fans to let the moisture evaporate. Let these devices point towards the wet area of the carpet till the area starts to dry up.

Using a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

  • Use a “wet vacuum cleaner” throughout the damp region of the carpet. This will help in extracting a lot of water from it as possible. Continue this process till the excess water does not come up from the carpet on pressing it down.
  • Easy ways to dry carpets – Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda all over the wet carpet. Baking soda has a powerful action of soaking water from the carpet. Allow this drying agent to stay on the wet carpet for many hours, up to a day. In this way it will provide plenty of time to absorb the remaining odor and moisture from the wet carpet. Finally, when the carpet gets dried, you can vacuum up all the baking soda present in the carpet.

Is Investing in Professional Carpet Cleaners Worth It?

If due to any reason, you are unable to perform these tips to dry your wet carpet, then taking assistance of a specialized carpet cleaning professionals would be the best way. It is wise to delegate the task to those who have specialization to do this job. Carpet Cleaners uses several effective carpet drying techniques like hot extraction methods to perform this task quickly and easily for you.

Expert Carpet Cleaning
Expert Carpet Cleaning

Why Should You Hire the Services of a Carpet Cleaning Company?

Our SK Cleaning Services expert professionals use carpet hot water extraction method provides an extensive, deeper cleaning, and faster-drying of carpets to provide a healthier home. Their basic, healthy and protectant cleaning service revitalizes your carpets to keep looking fresh, clean and new for a long time.

Carpet hot water extraction process delivers you quick and effective carpet drying technique with “green-certified method”, making it purely safe and natural for your pets and kids. Besides carpet drying, Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne offer Safe and specialized services that assures effective and quick drying of floor and pad as well.