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Ducted Cleaning Melbourne

1. Duct System Pre Inspection-

Before cleaning the duct, it’s inspection is important, after the inspection, the technicians analyze the condition of the duct and prepare a plant to clean it As per the condition of the duct, the technicians then come prepared, with all the required tools, equipment and cleaning solvent.

2. Vacuum Inside the Duct Pipes-

With the use of long hose, we clean the deep inside of the duct pipes, our vacuum cleaner is heavy duty. They have accurate pressure for removing all the dust and debris from the duct pipes, we ensure that these duct wipes which is ignored all the time, get cleaned.

Professional  Air Duct Cleaning

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

3. Powerful Vacuum Connected to the Main Truck Line to Collect Airborne Dust Particles-

We always come prepared, we have the latest and powerful cleaning machine, our vacuum cleaning machine is connected to the truck parked outside, it has the capacity to collect airborne dust particle. The vacuum suction of the machine is really effective, it easily cleans all the dust, dirt and debris.

4. Heavy duct Agitation to Dislodge the Debris and Dust-

With the help of right tools and equipment, the dirt and dust inside the duct are dislodged, so that it’ll be easy to remove it. We insert a high-velocity air sweeper in the ductwork, which agitates and dislodge all the dirt and dust inside the duct.

5. Clean all Return Registers and Grills-

We do the complete cleaning of the duct, the return registers and grills, which acts as a gate, holds more dirt and dust. Therefore, we make sure that besides ducts, the return register and grills are also cleaned.

6. Dead Rodent Removal if Required-

Rodents and other pests sometimes enter into the duct, and because of the inappropriate condition, they die. After dying the smell contaminates the duct, we have tools and equipment to remove any kind pest, such as rodent who have died inside the Duct Cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Services

Duct Cleaning Services

7. Replace Electrostatic Duct air Filter-

If the electrostatic duct air filter is dirty and doesn’t fit for reuse, we replace it with the new one. In the electrostatic filter, the air flows through a maze of static prone fabric, which attracts the airborne dust particle.

8.Blow Compressed air Through the Duct Vents to Remove any Stick Dirt Particles-

With a powerful air compressor, we blow air through the duct wents, this air travel through the ducts at very high pressure and removes all the dust particles, which has been stuck inside.

9. Return Vent Cleaning-

We also cover the return vent, while cleaning the duct, using cleaning solvent and vacuum cleaning machine, we make sure to clean the return vent properly.

10. Duct Sanitisation-

Once we do the cleaning, we use chemicals solvents to sanitize the duct and kill the remaining bacteria and germs inside the duct.

11. Duct Deodorization.

We own a special kind of deodorizer which removes all kind of odours from the duct, we ensure that there is no smell coming out from the duct.

Ducted Cleaning Melbourne

Ducted Cleaning Melbourne