The Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet cleaning is nothing but the habit of cleaning the carpet to make sure that none of the germs and diseases that are living as a habitant in the carpet doesn’t get spread to the people that are living in the house. Everything in the world has some Myths attached to it likewise carpet cleaning has some of its own myths associated with it where some of it are acceptable and some are not acceptable.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

The Top 5 Myths That are Ruling The Carpet Cleaning World Given Briefly Below:

Myth 1 – Cleaning Makes The Carpet Dirty Fast:

There are a lot of myths we hear about carpet cleaning and the first one is the carpets get dirty fast if it is cleaned. There is no carpet in the world that is always clean and cleaning a carpet doesn’t make the carpet dirty not in a single chance, but the carpet can get spoiled if it is not cleaned with proper care and if its cleaned by a newbie without proper care yes your carpet will be spoiled in other case if it is done by a professional the result is upside down with proper care and experience your carpet will look like a new one. Cleaning the carpet and appointing the top professionals is a must if you want your carpet not to get spoiled look after the ratings of the company your going to hire and look after the review and appoint them.

Myth2 – Carpet is Old So Doesn’t Need to Be Cleaned:

The next one is heard pretty often and when they say that their carpet is new and doesn’t need to be cleaned trust me that carpet is old and even if the carpet looks clean it will be a home for thousands and thousands of germs in your home so practically your growing more germs in your house without your knowledge that causes harm to you and your beloved ones so cleaning the carpet often is mandatory to have a clean and neat  carpet at home. There are no such things that old carpets doesn’t need to be cleaned as every carpet must be cleaned without any doubt in mind.

Myth3 – All Carpet Cleaning Methods are One and The Same:

There are many techniques involved in cleaning the carpets and not all methods are the same as there are different methods for carpets to get cleaned and there are many effective ways consider woolen carpets and they cannot withstand too much pressure so they are cleaned without applying too much pressure with one of the carpet cleaning solutions. There are many methods in carpet cleaning and steaming method is the popular method as the make the carpet clean easy and faster compared to all other methods.

Myth4 – Baking Soda Cleans The Carpet:

Sprinkling some amounts of baking soda on top the carpet makes you feel that your carpet is clean and you will also experience no odor for a limited period of time and within hours you will feel that stinky smell from your carpet so cleaning the carpet is important or steaming it so that no germs and odor is left behind. Baking soda does remove the smell but they do not eliminate the germs and they eradicate the smell only for a limited period of time.

Myth5 – Vacuum Makes the Carpet Tear:

This myth is being developed because at old times the carpet is not quality enough and same goes to the vacuum but nowadays the quality is improved and they are resistant for more number of washes and the carpet doesn’t get teared up because of the use of vacuum and make sure to use a proper vacuum cleaner which works perfectly and doesn’t spoil your carpet and not using a quality vacuum will result in the damage of the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

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