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Curtains or we can also call it as drapes. This piece of cloth is more than just a cloth, but do we give a thought to this matter. In our fast and competitive life, we are always so busy that most of the time we neglect the minute details which could be the key to our betterment. We all like our house to be beautifully, elegantly decorated, after all, home the only place which gives us the peace of mind after all the hustle and bustle of the outer world. And for that, we buy every possible thing that pops up in our mind like carpets, furniture, electronic gadgets and we also paint our walls with delightful sequential paintings. Last but not the least and the most important thing in our household are the curtains, which is not only important for enhancing the elegance of our tastefully designed rooms but also as our utmost protectors. There is a saying that a clean home is a place where God resides. Curtains secure us from the outside specks of dust and unnecessary noises and keep our window clean. During the day we normally use it for keeping the sunlight out.

We also use it for preventing the cool of the room from escaping. It also acts as a shield by keeping outside people from peeping into our privacy. Who doesn’t love their family? As everything that we do or earn is to keep our family happy and healthy, but we normally forget merely cleaning the floors of the house and the furniture won’t keep the germs at bay. Mainly children who are more prone to diseases as they mostly come in contact with the drapes while playing inside the house. Curtains are not only used in the home they are also used in offices and hospitals, that is also why it becomes all the more important to keep it clean as curtains have a tendency to capture the smells and after some time it can start stinking if we don’t care about its Curtain Cleaning. In hospitals as well it’s very important to maintain patient’s privacy, so curtain sanitization it also becomes essential to keep the patient’s hazard-free.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

Health Hazards of Uncleaned Curtains 

We use curtains for different rooms for different purposes like in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Normally we tend to use the dark colour and heavy material curtains in the living room as we tend to spend most of the time there only. But we forget that these heavy drapes tend to capture the pollutions and dust from the outside most, which leads to breathing diseases. So cleaning them is very important if we want to keep our family from developing such life-threatening diseases. The curtains in the kitchen are the dirtiest ones compared to other household curtains.

As it absorbs all the grease and oils leads to spot and stain and if we don’t clean it after the regular interval the beauty and purpose of it will be lost. Unwashed curtains for a prolonged time can lead to the growth of various dust mites which could be the cause of various allergies like skin allergy, sneezing and many more. In concern with our important room curtains, we often ignore our bathroom curtains.

This is the place which remains moisture for the most part of the day as we take shower and all the soap foams get accumulated in the curtain which makes it an ideal thing for the growth of molds, which are fungus and this can be very dangerous for the children and pregnant women. In a moist country like ours, the dirty curtains are more prone to the growth of germs, which is again very hazardous for children and pets who are more vulnerable. Dirty curtains are also favourite for the infects like spiders and cockroaches for laying eggs which can disturb the overall appearance of the place. Another problem can be faced by those who have pets at home as their dander gets caught in the curtains and if it remains uncleaned for a long time the babies can get affected by it and our foods can also get contaminated from it because dander can get mixed with our foods from the curtains in the kitchen.

Some Tips to Keep The Curtains

Some special materials of curtain required to be hand washed and some can also be washed in the machine, with some mild detergent. Some curtains can be cleaned by steam which is a less tedious task than hand and machine wash. For keeping germ-free house curtains need to be wash once after every two months. Two to three sets of curtains should be maintained for each room so that the curtains are not over washed and becomes discoloured.

Worried About Cleaning your Curtains 

Clean curtains provide a warm welcome to the guests as well as providing a fresh feeling to the household people. If you are worried about how are you going to clean the heavy curtains all by yourself and how to adjust the time to do such cleaning in your busy schedule then don’t worry anymore as the city’s best professional curtain cleaners are only one call away, which is located in Melbourne. We are very professional with our curtain cleaning services as client satisfaction is what we aim for. We have got the best of the best cleaning professionals who do the Local Curtain Cleaning Services in Melbourne no time as we value your time & money and we understand the value of a clean and germ-free home and a happy family.

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