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Carpet Cleaning is very important for the maintenance of the carpet. It prolongs the life of the carpet. Carpets are an essential part of a decor and its importance should not be ignored. Moreover, carpets are vulnerable to dust and pests and can spread diseases to your loved ones. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a professional task and it requires adequate expertise. It is not as simple as it looks. There are many carpet cleaning methods which are made according to the conditions of the carpet and needs of the clients. Here are the best carpet cleaning methods-

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Dry cleaning Method- This is the most widely used carpet cleaning method. Clients prefer it because it is cheap and effective in the short run. In dry cleaning, dry powder is used. Dry powder is composed of detergents and a small quantity of water. It is spread all over the carpet and left there for 20 minutes. After then, a heavy vacuum is used and this results in complete removal of dirt and dust from the carpet

Steam cleaning Method- This method is also known as hot water extraction. This is used in deep cleaning. In steam cleaning, a jet of hot water is sprayed all over the carpet. The hot water is sprayed with a very high and intense pressure. This results in the loosening of dust particles, they come up on top and then they are removed through vacuuming. A cleansing solution is used and the carpet is left to get dried. This method removes every inch of dirt present deep inside the carpet fibres. It also eliminates harmful bacteria and pests.

Carpet Shampooing- It is a traditional carpet cleaning method. In this technique, a carpet cleaning solution is applied on carpet to make foam. The foam attracts the dust particles towards it. Afterwards, it is left to dry out and this results in the separation of solution from the carpet fibres. Finally, vacuuming is done to finish the process. The best thing about it is that this method does not require professional cleaning; you can do it by yourself. But make sure that the shampoo or solution you use is of a good quality otherwise it can badly affect the carpet durability and strength of fibres.

Encapsulation- It is the latest method. It employs a chemical that has both cleaning and crystallization properties. It eliminates dirt and debris from the carpet. In this method, the dirt and debris accumulates at the top with the help of a rotating brush. Then the cleaning agent is applied which dries the particles into crystals and finally the crystals are removed by the vacuum. Encapsulation is very effective in the long term and it does not require drying and rinsing.

Home remedy- If the spot is not that severe then this home remedy can be applied. You can make a solution by mixing up vinegar and borax and then add a few drops of lemon juice. Use this solution and apply it on the spot. After that use a detergent to wash it off.