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Tile And Grout Protection Against Mould Growth

Tiles give your home a finished look when keep cleaned. With regular use and tear and wear your tiled areas get dirty and dingy, that ruins the look of your place dramatically. All your efforts of cleaning your premise go in vain when your tile and grouts are dirty. And the situation may worsen when there is the mould growth on the tiles and grouts. Mould can grow even in the minor cracks and crevices in the tiled areas of your home. Areas with a humid atmosphere and moisture like bathrooms, kitchen, and basement are more prone to mould growth. This development on your tiled areas does not only look bad but it’s unhygienic as well. We have brought you some of the best tips for mould treatment on tiles and grouts to cease this mould problem to an end.

Mould Treatment on Tiles and Grouts Melbourne

Mould Treatment on Tiles and Grouts Melbourne

Best Ways to Protect your Tile and Grouts From Mould

  • Proper Ventilation

    Keep the windows and doors of your home open for a proper ventilation for the prevention of mould growth. Humid conditions promote the development of mould, and a proper ventilation can prevent this to happen. Open the window of the bathroom after a shower so the steam can make its way out. Similarly, keep the kitchen window open when you are cooking to allow the steam to go out. Also, leave your bathroom door open when not in use. These preventive measures help you escape mould treatment on tiles and grouts.

  • Switch On the Exhaust Fan in Bathroom

    Switch the exhaust fan on after you shower, this helps in the prevention of mould growth in the bathroom. Wet floor after the shower in the bathroom promotes mould development, and to avoid it, use the wiper to dry the floors in addition to exhaust.

  • Seal Tile Grouts

    Tiles and Grout Sealing Service

    Tiles and Grout Sealing Service

    This is the permanent treatment to prevent the mould growth in your bathroom tiles. Apply silicone sealers to keep dry the grouts and no moisture could seep in, which in turn will prevent the mould development on the tiles.

  • Use Mould inhibiting sprays

    Apply the mould inhibiting sprays onto your tiles and grouts, on the hot and humid areas of your home. Frequent this exercise at least once a week to keep your home free from mould. There is a wide variety of sprays available in the market for the purpose. You can also make natural spray if you don’t want to use chemical based sprays on your walls. For making the spray, add equal parts of vinegar and water and spray it on the mould prone areas.

  • Keep your Tiled Areas Clean

    This an important thing to do. Scrub and clean your tiled areas on a regular basis when you are on a mould prevention mission. Keeping your tile and grout cleaned minimizes such toxic developments and help you escape from mould treatment on tiles and grouts frequently.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Take Professional Help For Mould Treatment on Tiles and Grouts

If the mould has already developed on the tiled areas of your home, do not risk removing it your own. Call the professionals for mould treatment on tiles and grouts, who know the best ways to it. We at SK Cleaning Services offer the best tile and grout cleaning services at affordable prices. Our technicians are fully trained and ready to serve you on the same day of booking. We have all the tools and cleaning solutions to remove the mould from your tiles and making your home fresh and hygienic once again.