Tips For Removing Urine Odours And Stains From The Mattress?

Removing Urine Odours And Stains on Mattress

Removing Urine Odours And Stains on Mattress

Having young kids at the home and raising them is a hell lot of a work, you might have experience cleaning bedsheet to remove urine stains. Usually, people rely on Odor removing sprays like Febreze, but because they just only remove the smell, the effect won’t last long. Even worse thing is that they don’t act on the stain.

However, there are some ways for removing urine stains and odours; each method is different. Moreover, all these methods would also work fine on pets urine stains and odours.

If the urine is absorbed deep into the mattress, then you can’t do much except using a commercial product for mattress odour removal and mattress stain removal. However, when the surface is still wet, you can use towels or a clean soft cloth to blot up the urine. Moreover, rinse the area with plain water before trying cleaners as discussed below.

Use borax or baking soda.

Borax is a toxic cleaning agent, which is an anti-bacterial. So, you have to careful with it, it’s highly dangerous for kids and pets. Keep away from their reach. You can get borax from local laundry aisle.

Baking soda is used for baking food items, but it can also be used as an odour absorbent. The baking soda product is

Both ingredients are powder, so follow the same step.

Damp the are which is affected by the stain.

Sprinkle some borax or baking soda.

Rub the powder on the surface thoroughly and let it sit for 30 minutes.

When it’s dry, use a brush and remove the powder. Now, vacuum it thoroughly.

Use Borax or Baking Soda

Use Borax or Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide or Vinegar for cleaning

Like borax, hydrogen peroxide is also toxic. Inhaling or ingestion can cause serious damage, though it can be an excellent cleaning agent and odour remover. Hydrogen peroxide is used with diluting water.

While vinegar is completely safe, the smell of it is a bit odd. However, if you don’t mind a bit odd smell, vinegar is a great tool for cleaning mattress soaked in urine.

Both ingredients are liquid in nature, so follow the same method.

Pour diluted hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle or if you’re using vinegar add it without adding water.

Spray it on the affected area and until it gets dampen.

Now, dry it by blotting up, use a paper towel or normal cloth towel. Allow it to dry, turn on the fan.

Call Professionals.

Try any of these methods, the stain and odour will go away. You can also take help from professional mattress cleaning service. Ses Cleaning Service is one of the best mattress cleaners. We use effective cleaning agents and equipment for Urine odour and mattress stain removal, pet urine removal, odour removal and so on. We make the mattress new like and free from all kind of bacteria. Call on our numbers for booking, we’ll clean your mattress completely.