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What Are The Health Issues Caused By Carpet Water Damage

Flooding of the water inside your home can cause severe water damage to your belongings and infrastructure. Water flooding can compromise the condition of your furniture, upholstery and carpets. Carpet water damage itself is a big headache to deal with. Wet carpets can harbour many germs and mould which can greatly impact your health and the health of your loved ones. Carpet water extraction should by carried our instantly in case of flooding. You can also hire professional carpet cleaning services for wet carpet cleaning and carpet water extraction. Dealing with wet carpet should be done as soon as possible as carpet water damage can affect your health and hygiene. We are providing you with some information on Health issues caused by carpet water damage

Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage

Health issues Caused by Carpet water damage:

  • Mould Infestation

    The fungus can actually attack and infest any place at your homes. Presence of water and moisture can harbour fungi and mould Not to mention that moulds can cause health issues too. Fungus-like mould can damage your carpet and form a black layer of growth over it which a further deteriorate the quality of your carpet. These mould spread through by releasing spores in the air. These spores can cause difficulty in breathing and other breathing problems. Skin irritations and skin allergies are also associated with mould and chronic mould infestations can create mental issues like poor concentration and can also lead to other fungal infections too. Carpet water damage should not be taken lightly and get our wet carpet cleaning done asap.

  • Bacterial and Microbial infections

    Carpets can trap a lot of dirt and dead skin cells. In case of flooding the carpet will soak in a lot of water. There is always a risk of growth of bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. Bacteria can contaminate your carpets and will cause various infections and diseases. Make sure you get your carpet water extraction done in case of flooding and hire professional carpet cleaners for wet carpet cleaning and carpet sanitization.

  • Overall air quality and home environment

    Carpet water damage will also produce stinking and bad odour too. This bad stink can be very repulsive and embarrassing for you and your guests also. Air quality can be compromised leaving you to breathe in impure contaminated air. Wet carpets harbouring mould and bacteria will also create a bad home environment for you which is unhygienic and dangerous for your family. Regular breathing in this impure air can also affect your health in serious ways.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

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